072212: DIY progress report

After weeks of just browsing at craft stores and the fact that I cannot wait for my order from Jo Ann’s to arrive, I decided to start practicing by altering what I already have. So far, this is what I’ve done….


I found this earring that I thought I had lost altogether. But I couldn’t find the other half. Good thing that it’s double hoop and rings so I just simply split them equally and made a pair out of it.

blk earringsAnother earring that I found, but missing a fish hook – the old fish hook looked rusty, so I just changed it altogether.



I bought these at EZE Dollar Store after breakfast with my princess a while back. They were combined together. She has always wanted to wear the same thing as me, so I figured, why not separate these so she can have her own when her ears get pierced in the next few months.










The same store is selling Hello Kitty charms and this was one of the first 3 that we bought a while back before purchasing 7 more today…I have a necklace strand that’s missing pendants so I just added a jump ring and hooked it on the necklace.








A year ago, I bought a pair of bracelets next to my daughter’s preschool. My princess broke hers when I let her use it as part of her pirate costume. So, I took the stars apart, she picked which Hello Kitty charm will go with it, and custom fit the chain to fit her…


I have about 10 more Hello Kitty charms left…a bunch of jump rings and fish hooks. My Jo Ann’s shipment is on it’s way..what will I make next week?

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