072912: DIY Progress Report

Note to self: edit your posts as drafts so you won’t have to try to remember what you did all week for Sunday’s post.

I went to Walmart and found chains for $1.00/pk! I got gold, [2] black, [2]pink and [2] purple. I’m pretty sure they’re discontinued chains, so I have to work with what I have. At least now, I’m realizing how much chain I need for future projects.

Okay so what did I do?

Remember these earring?
hoop earring
I decided to keep the hoops plain and just add the charm according to what I’m wearing or my mood.

I’ve turned the smaller hoops into a separate earring.
new hoop earring

I finally made a necklace from the remnants of my daughter’s charm bracelet. i used the black chain and viola!
charm necklace
I also decided to give her my charm bracelet, and made a matching earring and bracelet.
charm earringcharm bracelet

I also finished a piece for me. My relative always complains that I don’t wear the bangles she gave. That’s because I do not have a matching necklace with it…well, I’ll be wearing her bangles on our next TGIF get together.

Until next week.

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