081912: Necklaces Galore!

This is one of the necklaces that my daughter wants –

For some reason, I made one for me instead. LOL!

Her’s is in progress…still not sure if I’m going for the same style above or this image….just need the rhinestone chain in sapphire then it’s good to go by her birthday.

I decided that I didn’t like the look of this necklace at all.

I think I was focusing more on the multi-strand part rather than the design. So I scrapped it and made this instead.

But, I kept the earrings…

I finished one of my daughter’s necklace, unfortunately – she saw it way before her big day, so I’m letting her wear this one….she feels like a barbie doll!

I also finished the charm necklace that I have only been envisioning inside my head.

Of course – it had to come with a bracelet! – if i had more of the same charms, I definitely would’ve made earrings.

Until next week!

random thought…

I’m supposed to be working on my necklace!! LOL. But as usual, I got excited thinking about being so close to completing a piece that my princess likes. She LOVES all the Betsey Johnson items @ Macy’s. Comparing the pieces that I have on hand, the item[s] that my daughter wanted to have…I think I am almost ready to get started.

Let’s see..

BJ Inspiration
$65.00 @ Macy’s

My parts:
All I need to get are rhinestone chains, [2] gold tone chains, and more jump rings. I can tell you right now, even with all the separate purchases, I still haven’t spent less than half of what this ready made piece costs.

080512: Progress Report

Sorry for the late post. I have some family issues that needed to be dealt with. here’s the finished necklace and earring for this week.
729 necklace 0729 earring
working on the bracelet….

Beads: FREE…thanks neighbor!
6ft Chain: $1.00 @ Walmart[it’s a discontinued item]
Connector Strand: $4.00

Total cost: $5.00 + tax

I couldn’t resist but I had to get the following! I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but for now it’s in a box….I spent about $12.00 – still less than $75.00!
ps bowps resin flower

7/30/12: My shipment arrived today! For $20.00 including shipping and handling, here are the pieces that came..I ordered 2 of the trinketts. I took advantage of Jo Ann’s 50% off on beads and charms!!!
joann open bow pendantsilver open bow pendantjoann princess charmjoann monkey charm
..The black bow is for me and the rest is for my princess! If you’ve read the Why DIY? page of this blog, you can see what I’m trying to re-create by 9/22/2012 and more. I got the piece mostly done, I am missing just one piece of that necklace and I’m just waiting for a good payday where I can place an online order.

Until next week!