091612: Crafter’s Block….

Still no new jewelry pieces, if anything I just added more beads/charms to my to do box. I’m just not as inspired as of late. My son and I scrapped the idea of building a doll house for Barbie, I mean my daughter. After realizing how much room it will take up in our home, not to mention all the other goodies that are coming for the holidays, and the plan on renting a room to a total stranger coming 2013- it’s now in the back burner.

Seeing how my princess still plays with ALL of the dolls on a regular basis, I thought, you know what? just build the furniture and save up for a shelf where it will go at the end of the day, make a platform of some kind and hopefully, she can make it work.

Off to Dollar Tree I go! I still have left over foam board so the wall and platform are underway so my princess can set up the furniture on it. At least for now, Barbie has a bedroom set, then all my princess has to do is set it up as she needs to.

Here’s Barbie’s bedroom set made entirely out of foam board, and left over gift tissue. The stool is made out of an empty sandwich box. I’m contemplating on buying a sewing machine at Big Lots, let’s see how if I can figure out a way to budget and be able to get this – then I’ll be able to make Barbie a bed sheet, and pillows.
Gotta tell you – I’m starting to like these foam boards!!

diy barbie bedroom set

Modeled by: Fashion Fairy Tale Barbie
diy barbie bed

Modeled by: Princess Charm School Barbie
diy barbie vanity

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “091612: Crafter’s Block….

    1. I need to make a new set for my daughter’s Ever After High dolls, I’ll do a photo instructions then.

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