101412: Bit by the decorating bug

It’s about time my crafter’s block has been lifted. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve been down in the slumps since my paycheck has been telling me that I can’t splurge on DIY creations.


I have been bit by the decorating bug!

It all started at work one morning that some office spaces were decorated for Halloween. Naturally, the rest of us that didn’t have any decorations [our department] wanted to decorate too. Needless to say, it was a very fun Friday! Our department has been flowing so smoothly – that we didn’t even have to assign who brings what – we all just banded together and help decorate each others’ space. That moment – I knew I was working with the best department in the company – EVER. I felt bad that I couldn’t contribute as much to the décor, then it hit me, I can make a DIY Halloween décor. So I was thinking, what else is missing? We have bats, spiders, tombstones, webbing, and garlands.


Google showed an image of a DIY Halloween tree and I’m like, WHY NOT?? I made sure that even if it goes out of my budget I will make these.
halloween tree
image courtesy of: thepumpkinseed.blogspot.com

Well – It must be meant to be. As I was parking at my local Walmart, tree trimmers have bags full of branches that were freshly trimmed!!! There’s nothing like free stuff to make your Saturday morning. The family spent a few minutes, picking out branches, after breakfast we went home, and took the rest of the morning taking the leaves out to leave the branches out to dry. Sunday night – again at my local Walmart – I found 96 cent spray paints – yes 96 cents spray paints!!! I spent a few minutes gathering the branches together and a few more spray painting them. FYI this was my first attempt at using spray paints.

We made a total of 4 trees, my kids are getting full credit for placing the stickers!

10/16/12: Halloween Tress @ work.
halloween tree 1halloween tree 2
halloween tree 3halloween tree 4

Materials used:
Base: Water bottles, Chuck E Cheese token holders, Yogurt cup, gift tissue paper, treat bags, sand.
Tree: Tree branches, wire garland [took of the skulls/bats and just used the wire], spray paint, foam stickers.

I would like to give special thanks to my co-workers who has ignited my crafting spark this month, and for allowing me to provide a gift from my heart. Special mention to my children, who takes an interest in mommy’s arts and crafts.

Until next time!

Happy DIY

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