102612:DIY runs in the family

I purchased a Bratz costumes online @ Party City back in September for my daughter’s birthday. My daughter fell in love with the idea of being Yasmin – but she likes Cloe’s outfit better. However, the leggings, tights -whatever you call it,  are too long and it came in as gray. Whereas the image shown is white. Don’t know how my daughter noticed that detail. Since it’s an online only item – chances of me exchanging it is slim to none since stock was limited to begin with.

Thankfully, my co-worker [AGAIN!] sparked an idea. She gave me links to stores that have tie dyed tights. Then it hit me!!! Her leggings are tie dyed! Why didn’t I realize that to begin with?? After work, while browsing at Target, I casually mentioned that we can tie dye her white tights at home – needless to say, my daughter wanted to tie dye. So yeah – I spent a little bit more cash since she wanted a brand new white tights + cost of tie dye.

We went home, and she went right on it. It happened so fast, I couldn’t even get my camera on time to take her pictures-with gloves and all. Well – she did it so fast, that she decided to tie dye an older pair of white pants too.

The tights are now ready for use. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my daughter wearing her tie dyed costume project.

Rinoa as Yasmin [Bratz]
Rinoa Bratz

bratz cloe

Image Source: Party City

On to the next DIY!

Another Halloween craft coming really soon!

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