102712: Addicted to Tie Dye

It was Red Ribbon Week this week at my kids’ school. On one of the days, the theme was wear a tie dye shirt OR your favorite peace sign shirt. My daughter wanted to wear a new tie dyed shirt for Red Ribbon Week, not only that – she also wanted to put patches on. Who am I to say no? I got her a long sleeve shirt and another pair of tights to dye since the one for he costume was a size smaller – again my princess tie dyed to her hearts content!

Okay- Here are the finished products. The tie dyed shirt with the patches that she wanted on. I didn’t have time to put all the patches on the actual day, but she managed to wear a pair of pants with a peace sign, but none the less, she’s proud that she ti dyed something new. She still gets to wear this since it’s a long sleeved shirt.
tie dye 2

Until the next DIY!

Update: I finally found the time to update my pics. I found this one on my phone…She’s wearing the other tights that she tie dyed.

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