Project Christmas Decor -Part 2

I have been looking forward to doing this craft. I knew this was what I wanted for Christmas right after I made the Halloween Tree.

Inspiration: Show Tell Share
Peppermint Topiary

I finally got motivated enough to make the first one. I sure learned a lot of lessons making this one. I still have to make three more.
christmas topiary

Will post the other 3 soon…..working on it weekend of 12/8.

UPDATE: 12/12/12

The final topiary to complete the decor at work.

UPDATE: 12/11/12
After a couple of days delay, I made another one. Final one should be posted tomorrow.

UPDATE: 12/7/12
Made #2, this time with green peppermint – this time, I bought a box for the styrofoam block to fit in, I poked the holes on both the round and square styrofoam, glued the block in the box, wrapped the dowel with crepe paper, glued in on the end where it stands on the base, all the while the crepe paper is drying on the round ball, then hot glued the peppermints, then added the finishing touches on the base and stem.
peppermint topiary

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