Before the blog….

I made a page of How To’s – thinking that this blog would be a tutorial. After thinking about it, I really don’t have new ideas that I can proudly say hey – this is new and this is how you do it. What I did was ,hmm I have all these stuff, how can I organize it – cheaply? So I google and found ideas and tried my best to make it cheap as possible. lol. So, with that thought, I’m taking down the How To page…but I still want to let myself know that I’ve been DIYing before the blog.

Hair clip holder: This was a 100th day project for my daughter’s Kindergarten class. I wanted her to bring something else other than beads, puzzles, or the common stuff kids bring for this day. So I thought, she should bring 100 hair clips. Got the hair clips….but how to put it together? Solution….Dollar Tree wigs, and a poster board. Didn’t think of this as a DIY at the time. [Picture coming soon]

Earring Holder: I keep losing my earrings. That, and my daughter will be getting her ears pierced so I will need to separate hers and mine. To this day, I still haven’t updated the frame. I can’t make up my mind if I want to paint it, or do something else.
diy earring holder

Necklace Holder: Where the wall is the only place I can hang them- asap until I decide to make an actual DIY holder
diy necklace holder

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  1. Thank you. I try to make sure we have something in common and that our lines of communication is open

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