Refashion Series 2: The One Dollar Dress Refashion

My daughter loves the designer IZ Amy Byer. My little fashionista, that one!. If you clicked, the link, you can see just how much those clothes are even on sale. Anyway, I found this dress a while back on the clearance rack @ KOHL’s. I would assume that because the strap broke while in the clearance rack, no one bought it. So, I talked with the manager, and I got this dress for less than $10.00. I kept it in my “I’ll fix this when she gets into this size pile”. I remembered I had this dress because I knew that she was going to wear her GAP shoes that she’s getting for Easter and I wanted her to have something to wear it with. I finally fixed the strap after wrapping their baskets, but I feel like it’s too simple. At Dollar Tree, they have these 3pk flower picks. I just cut the wire in the back and pinned it on the dress. Now she has an outfit for the Easter service.
girl's dress refashion
girl's dress refashion

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Re-purpose, re-use, re-fashion!

Easter Series – Finale: It’s A Wrap

diy easter wrap
Mesh wrap

I need to wrap my baskets that I wasn’t planning on giving out this year. I saw @ the 99c store that they’re selling a mesh for a wrap. I have a lot of green mesh from the necklace that I made. . I thought why not?

This post marks the final project for my Easter series. Thank you for visiting and keep checking in for new projects.¬† I will be taking my “spring break” and will resume crafting on April 7th

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Easter Series – Part 5: Trees are not just for Christmas

diy easter tree

I realized that when I made the Halloween trees last year. I wasn’t planning on making one for Easter, but I was blessed with a free branch. Besides, we have heart ornaments that didn’t make it in the valentine’s box, and the bunny ornaments needs a tree to hang on, and the presents need a tree to be under.

My co-worker generously lent me her left over paint. Unfortunately, the tree just absorbed it, so the color didn’t even came out. Luckily, I have a bottle of white tempera paint, and it stuck on the tree. My daughter had fun painting the branches each morning while waiting for her ride to school. Okay, she didn’t paint all the branches, but I left some for her to paint this week.

Stay tuned for the last post for the Easter Series.

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Preparing ahead of time…

While waiting for the plaster to dry on my second to last project for the Easter series, I’m thinking ahead of what to make in the coming weeks. [This is how I am battling my depression – one craft at a time]. Well, pretty soon it’s September and I’ll have a princess turning 7. Like a true princess, not only must she have the dresses, she must have the accessories. Same as always, I’m not paying top dollar for fashion jewelry that will end up broken in the school playground. I will still get her store bought dresses and necklaces, but for school – her accessories will have to wear the mommy brand.

So, I checked on her favorite designer to see what’s in this year, and how I can make it more younger. Here are some of the inspirations that I know I have some materials in my craft buckets for….

Source: Macy’s Betsey Johnson

At this point, I’m beginning to understand why she loves this designer. There’s too many to link. I’ll save up for one designer necklace for her birthday, but I’l come up with a DIY for most of these.

But, these will keep me excited to go on and get the materials, and it’s something to look forward to instead of sleeping the weekends away….

Until then.

Easter Series – Part 4: Plaster Happy

I love baked goods – store bought that is. BUT I can’t resist the cute silicone molds and themed cookie cutters that are in the store. It all started with the Valentine ice trays from Target. So for Easter, I bought a few more molds to see what I can come with my favorite craft material….Plaster Of Paris.

diy easter ornament
Easter Bunny Ornament



1st up is my daughter’s bunny ornaments. each of us had 4 to just draw crazy faces. Can you guess which person drew which row?

diy easter decor
Spring Decor




2nd is a Spring decor inspired by the previous post. I wanted to make use of the silicone molds, and have the kids have something to do while I slave away in the kitchen.




diy photo holders
Photo Holders


Lastly, a photo holder. I used the cookie cutters as the base. Working on the last two projects, stay tuned….

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Easter Series – Part 3: Why buy when you can DIY

I obviously have a LOT of easter eggs left over, and I want to use them all! Looking for inspirations, took a trip at almost all the retail stores  for decorative ideas.

I found this @ Target: It’s a wooden egg decoration for $10.00.


diy easter decor
Easter Decoration


I would’ve recreated this if I didn’t miss days at work and bought the letters and base. But, I worked with what I have which are eggs, leftover garland, and some sorting pots.




Party City Egg Decor

This is @ Party City that sells for $4.99 + shipping.

So I made my own. It’s not brag worthy- I made this in one day, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can re-create it. Eventually [for next year] the eggs will be decorated, and the strings will be reinforced.

Stay tuned for a few more posts.
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Easter Series: Part 2 /Re-Fashion Series: A Passion For Re-Fashion

This post marks my 1st [hopefully of many] Re-Fashion Series. My daughter has a lot of clothes that she’s semi outgrown, but loves with a passion!. My goal is to make her clothes last another year. The only way to do that is to re-fashion them.

DIY Easter Dress

I told my daughter that for Easter, she won’t be getting a new outfit. We agreed on a dress that I was originally going to re-fashion – I just simply ran out of time [again]. Thankfully, I have a spare to re-fashion. I mistakenly brought the wrong size of a tank top. It was a busy day, and didn’t double check the size compared to the hanger that it was on. Happens a lot, when it’s on a clearance rack. It’s soooo my daughter’s style, so I thought I should just give this to her.

Tomorrow, they will taking their pictures with E. Bunny. We’re both relieved that she has something “new” to wear.

Easter Series – Part 1: Egging Around


I have collected these eggs back in 2010. For years it has been sitting in basket in my spare patio. Until this year, when I figured I could upcycle these into something else. When this series is in the planning stages, I knew that I would be needing a wreath at home.



After searching for inspirations, I saw this image.

Image Credit: Saving On The Essentials


diy easter wreath

diy easter wreath

Here is my first attempt at the wreath. It turned out to be too huge for my door, that it became a window decor. I ended up making 3 more….

diy easter wreathdiy easter wreath

diy easter topiary


I still have a lot left over, so I decided to make a topiary. Styrofoam balls are not in the budget since I missed a couple of days at work. Thanks to Tim Gunn @ Project Runway’s famous quote, I made it work.

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