Preparing ahead of time…

While waiting for the plaster to dry on my second to last project for the Easter series, I’m thinking ahead of what to make in the coming weeks. [This is how I am battling my depression – one craft at a time]. Well, pretty soon it’s September and I’ll have a princess turning 7. Like a true princess, not only must she have the dresses, she must have the accessories. Same as always, I’m not paying top dollar for fashion jewelry that will end up broken in the school playground. I will still get her store bought dresses and necklaces, but for school – her accessories will have to wear the mommy brand.

So, I checked on her favorite designer to see what’s in this year, and how I can make it more younger. Here are some of the inspirations that I know I have some materials in my craft buckets for….

Source: Macy’s Betsey Johnson

At this point, I’m beginning to understand why she loves this designer. There’s too many to link. I’ll save up for one designer necklace for her birthday, but I’l come up with a DIY for most of these.

But, these will keep me excited to go on and get the materials, and it’s something to look forward to instead of sleeping the weekends away….

Until then.

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