Easter Series – Part 5: Trees are not just for Christmas

diy easter tree

I realized that when I made the Halloween trees last year. I wasn’t planning on making one for Easter, but I was blessed with a free branch. Besides, we have heart ornaments that didn’t make it in the valentine’s box, and the bunny ornaments needs a tree to hang on, and the presents need a tree to be under.

My co-worker generously lent me her left over paint. Unfortunately, the tree just absorbed it, so the color didn’t even came out. Luckily, I have a bottle of white tempera paint, and it stuck on the tree. My daughter had fun painting the branches each morning while waiting for her ride to school. Okay, she didn’t paint all the branches, but I left some for her to paint this week.

Stay tuned for the last post for the Easter Series.

Until then,


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