Refashion Series 2: The One Dollar Dress Refashion

My daughter loves the designer IZ Amy Byer. My little fashionista, that one!. If you clicked, the link, you can see just how much those clothes are even on sale. Anyway, I found this dress a while back on the clearance rack @ KOHL’s. I would assume that because the strap broke while in the clearance rack, no one bought it. So, I talked with the manager, and I got this dress for less than $10.00. I kept it in my “I’ll fix this when she gets into this size pile”. I remembered I had this dress because I knew that she was going to wear her GAP shoes that she’s getting for Easter and I wanted her to have something to wear it with. I finally fixed the strap after wrapping their baskets, but I feel like it’s too simple. At Dollar Tree, they have these 3pk flower picks. I just cut the wire in the back and pinned it on the dress. Now she has an outfit for the Easter service.
girl's dress refashion
girl's dress refashion

Until then,

Re-purpose, re-use, re-fashion!


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