Mother’s Day Series: Last Minute Dollar Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, if you’re strapped for cash and time – here’s an idea…DIY Cupcake stand.

Last week, I baked cupcakes for the first time in a long time. I realized I made too much. I decided that I need a cupcake stand. Then I realized, why buy? I can DIY. I found 3 melamine plates [each size smaller than the other], a 6pk clear glasses, and craft glue @ the 99c store

Took less than five minutes to make
diy cupcake stand
For the next one, I think I’ll take the time to fill the cups with decorative rocks or glitter.

Until then,


Savings DIY

I needed to come up with a way to teach my kids the value of $$$ and encouraging them to help around the home. So, I’ve given them “jobs” for them to earn an “income”. It’s not much weekly, but, at the end of the year, it’ll add up to an amount that’s big enough for them. By then, it would make them feel proud that they earned it, and then feel much better working for something they bought instead of just demanding it from their custodial and non custodial parents.

Out of smaller cereal boxes, “banks” were made. It’s wrapped in Christmas paper to make sure they understand that this will be opened on the last day of the year. I sealed it to make sure that it won’t be opened regardless of our situation at any given week. If they’re up to it, they can decorate the boxes to personalize it more.

I’d open a bank account for them – but I think it’s better if the kids learn how to save hands on for now…..
diy savings boxdiy savings box

This post will be updated on 12/31/13.

Dollar Series: Handy Mommy

How far will a dollar go? My daughter got this as a party favor during a visit from her dad.

She loves this headband – she wore this every day, until one day, it broke. She had this tucked away [under her bead] so I never fixed it until today after a trip from the dollar store. And she has an extra headband!

diy headband

Until then,


Dollar Series: Build A Hanger

diy beaded hanger
Beaded Hanger

Spring break is over, and so I’m back into crafting. I really had no idea what to make, until I was sorting the clothes that I’m going to re-fashion so my daughter can have summer clothes, and me to post in the blog. Amongst the pile, I found a couple of my daughter’s Build A Bear outfits that she supposedly couldn’t find!. I couldn’t hang it because it doesn’t fit on a regular kids size hanger, and I’ve thrown out the baby hangers a long time ago. An idea hit me, a while back, while browsing at a different dollar store, they have these beaded hangers. I thought it was cute. So I decided to try it out if I can re-create it, for the outfits. Here’s the first try.
My daughter is sorting the rest of the beads, when she’s done, I’ll make a few more….
I only spent $1.00 for the beads @ Dollar Tree. It has 400 beads. I still have pipe cleaners left. I used a total of 4 pipe cleaners and 66 beads for this piece.

Beaded Hanger

Seems to me a closet is needed soon….

Until Then,