Mother’s Day Series: DIY Plate decor / Mod Podge

It’s cutting to just days away from Mother’s Day. I will admit, I procrastinated in my DIY’s since my kids have school projects of their own to do. This project is similar to the Halloween plate craft that we have been doing the past couple of years, but I wanted something that can go in my dining area year round. I actually made 2 DIY’s for this project, but I only have a photo for the finished project.

DIY 1: Clear Mod Podge. I wanted to make sure that the glue dries really clear, so instead of making homemade mod podge with white glue, I made it with clear glue instead. I’ll update this post with the photo of the jar.

DIY 2: Plate Decoupage. I wanted it to say family, and have pictures hanging from it – but I wasn’t as inspired to do it elaborately-so I did this as simple as possible.
DIY Plate Decoupage

Set of 8 clear plates @ Dollar Tree
Wall stickers @ Dollar Tree
Cardstock @ 99c store
DIY clear mod podge
Leftover chain

Overall total cost with tax: $5.00

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