Finishing What I Started

I made 3 Kanzashi flowers. One, I attached into a headband. The other two, I finished adding the tulle layer. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, until I found two of my daughter’s hair clips, each missing a gem. The gems I have are slightly bigger and I do not have a rectangle…

Now she has a new pair of clips.

Until then,

Refashion Series: 2 in 1 Project.

This is my princess. She loves PINK. She also likes to pretend she’s a fashionista, hence the glasses without the lenses. One day, I bought a pair of PINK Dollar Tree Flip Flops. She won’t wear them as is.

I was thinking of making frill flip flops, but I thought that I needed to buy a template for the frills. I really did not have the $5.00+tax to do so. Thanks to YouTube, I found this video, that showed how you make your template. PERFECT.


Here’s my daughter’s newly refashioned flip flops. I made the frills from tulle that I bought sometime in 2012. I have construction paper to make a template. So I really didn’t spend anything but a buck.

diy flower frills diy flip flopDIY Flower Frill DIY flip flop

A 2.97 + tax investment.

I am really serious about re-fashioning this my and my daughter’s old clothes into her “new” summer wardrobe. I found this last night while browsing around @ Walmart, when I saw it – it literally yelled my daughter’s name. This is her style. Most especially the bodice part. I’m hoping that I can start something this weekend. She’s coming home tonight so I can tweak the pattern to her size then get going.

Perfect timing too since they’re replacing an appliance in my bedroom patio, I need to clear all the boxes that are in there. Those boxes consists of clothes from way back when that never made it to the garage down below, or in the trunk of the car, or @ Goodwill. I can practice on those before working on the clothes that are from just the last season.

See you then.

My very own Kanzashi flower headband

So, yesterday I started making a few Kanzashi flowers. I didn’t know how far I’d go with it. diy kanzashi flowersSo I made a bigger flower [9 petals] during lunch, and made the bottom layer using tulle [13 petals] after dinner. My daughter said she wanted it to be a headband. The 99c store sells 6/pk Goody headbands, which I already bought a while back. I still have to figure out what I’m going to do with the other two petals.
diy kanzashi flower headband

Trying Something New – Kanzashi Flowers

I’ve been trying to keep busy while I come up with all the supplies that I need for my biggest DIY project yet. In the meantime, this will keep me “sane”. I found these Kanzashi flower makers at Beverly’s, I also have scrap fabric from 5 years ago, when I re-attempted to sew clothes for my daughter during my separation-divorce, and I bought a pack of the rosettes thinking I’ll be making some sort of necklace with it.

I think I know where these will end up after I make a few more flowers. One flower [5 petals] takes about 20 minutes. Meaning, I can make a flower during my half hour lunch. I can’t wait for my daughter to learn how to make this!

I also finally have a reason to buy those scrap fabrics –

diy kanzashi flowers

Until then,


diy necklace holderFor Father’s Day, the plan was to make a key holder. That hasn’t changed. The other plan was to use materials that’s left over from previous DIY’s. For starters, there’s leftover mini duct tape from the cowgirl headband I made, tons of jumbo craft sticks. The only thing I bought was a pack of self adhesive hooks from the 99c store.
My daughter has diligently worked on the sides one at a time. I somehow managed to have her wrap duct tape while watching Wizards Of Waverly Place at the same time, or make her to it in the morning before going to school. However, we ran out of leopard print duct she’s short one side. She didn’t want to make a triangle key holder. What to do? As you can see – we bought a different duct tape pattern.

Now, the question is what to do with the 3 pcs that she made?
Answer: Her necklace holder.

made out of 4 jumbo craft sticks, wrapped with duct tape, and self adhesive hooks

Father’s Day DIY – Update

I really feel sad that the kids didn’t make enough “cool” DIY presents for their dads. I think this is the first ever year that I wanted to take the time to do so, instead of relying on what school/after school craft they come up with. I feel like I failed that I didn’t force them enough to make time to make a craft. This year, I was blessed with Mother’s Day presents, so I thought that each dad should get the same blessings.

I took them to Sunday service today. There, they made a Daddy Stache – a jar of candies, they also handed out a kit/game of some sort. I’m not one to preach about my faith. But, I thought I should share at least one benefit of going on a weekly basis….when it comes to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – They hand out cool stuff!

So, when my daughter’s dad gets to pick her up, she has a gift bag to hand out – 2 she made on her own. When my son’s dad comes home tonight – he’ll come home to a gift bag filled with presents.

Until then,


Father’s Day DIY – Duct tape to save the day

Honestly, I had planned their DIY since Mother’s Day for their respective dads. However, the kids are having their own mood swings, and were not inspired to work indoors. They want to ride their bikes and stay out til dinner. So with literally 2 days to go. I had to think and revise their DIY’s down to 1.

I had the kids come up with the fastest DIY they have ever made.

My daughter’s present[s] to her dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of jumbo craft sticks, duct tape, and hooks from the 99c store. I will instruct her dad to place a picture.

My son’s present to his dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of wood frame from 99c frame @ Walmart, and hooks from the 99c store. Andy is working on a sketch portrait…

Until  then,

Fit For A Princess

In the many years that my son has been in school [he’s in 5th grade now], and the exception of pre-school, I’m not one to participate in ALL the school events, and the wear this to school day. My daughter is now in her second year in elementary [1st grade-going 2nd], and I’ve only able to let them participate in the ones that will not cost me money like crazy sock day, or pajama day, or crazy hair day.

Since Halloween, I was inclined to participate in more events, and I even prepared ahead of time for their wear red,white, blue day. Today is Hawaiian Day. So last night, I got the kids some dollar tree leis. I came across an adult size straw hula skirt, I thought I should at least make it so my princess can wear it. I had a mesh roll that I got from Joanns, and didn’t really know why I bought it then. A thought hit me…maybe I should make a Luau tutu – fit for a princess.

redesigned hula skirt
redesigned dollar tree hula skirt

Basically, I just cut the skirt to the length she likes it, added the mesh in between the straws/grass, then added flowers to the waist. I will most likely re-design this for the next Hawaiian Day the coming school year, like adding pink, yellow, orange tulle to it, and probably just sew it altogether. Hopefully by then, I can sew my prince a polo shirt.