Fit For A Princess

In the many years that my son has been in school [he’s in 5th grade now], and the exception of pre-school, I’m not one to participate in ALL the school events, and the wear this to school day. My daughter is now in her second year in elementary [1st grade-going 2nd], and I’ve only able to let them participate in the ones that will not cost me money like crazy sock day, or pajama day, or crazy hair day.

Since Halloween, I was inclined to participate in more events, and I even prepared ahead of time for their wear red,white, blue day. Today is Hawaiian Day. So last night, I got the kids some dollar tree leis. I came across an adult size straw hula skirt, I thought I should at least make it so my princess can wear it. I had a mesh roll that I got from Joanns, and didn’t really know why I bought it then. A thought hit me…maybe I should make a Luau tutu – fit for a princess.

redesigned hula skirt
redesigned dollar tree hula skirt

Basically, I just cut the skirt to the length she likes it, added the mesh in between the straws/grass, then added flowers to the waist. I will most likely re-design this for the next Hawaiian Day the coming school year, like adding pink, yellow, orange tulle to it, and probably just sew it altogether. Hopefully by then, I can sew my prince a polo shirt.

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