Father’s Day DIY – Update

I really feel sad that the kids didn’t make enough “cool” DIY presents for their dads. I think this is the first ever year that I wanted to take the time to do so, instead of relying on what school/after school craft they come up with. I feel like I failed that I didn’t force them enough to make time to make a craft. This year, I was blessed with Mother’s Day presents, so I thought that each dad should get the same blessings.

I took them to Sunday service today. There, they made a Daddy Stache – a jar of candies, they also handed out a kit/game of some sort. I’m not one to preach about my faith. But, I thought I should share at least one benefit of going on a weekly basis….when it comes to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – They hand out cool stuff!

So, when my daughter’s dad gets to pick her up, she has a gift bag to hand out – 2 she made on her own. When my son’s dad comes home tonight – he’ll come home to a gift bag filled with presents.

Until then,



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