Refashion Series: She needed something new to wear

My princess does not want to wear her new clothes that her stepmom gave her. She didn’t want to wear a new outfit that I bought for her either, she wanted to save that for picture day. She didn’t want to wear any of the refashioned items I made her, she said that she’s already showed it off at school. It’s too late for me to do laundry last nite…she needed something to wear, at least the bottom part….

So, here’s a top that I probably will never wear again after being in the closet for a couple of years, and her now new skirt looking shorts.

refashion short

Refashion Series: Stressed? Refashion something….

The last time I wore this was back in 2007. This was a size 3 top. I’m definitely not a size 3 anymore!
refashion tank top

I started cutting this down using one of my daughter’s tank top as a pattern this week. I had a tough day yesterday and I thought I could relieve the stress by sewing the parts together. She always couldn’t wait to wear it the next day.

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Refashion Series: A Dress For The Princess

Follow up post from the McCall’s pattern sale.

Written on 8/18/13:
Back in 2010, I was an active volunteer in the church that I used to go. Needless to say, I really have no need for the shirt now. I consulted with my princess on how she wants the red shirt to become. She advised that she wanted the shirt into a dress, logo and all.

8/19/13: My daughter was getting ready and she saw the red dress. She was really excited. It’s going to be washed tonight and hopefully can be worn tomorrow. Before I left for work, I asked her what she wants the other Awana shirt to become the same as the red dress.

8/20/13 On her way to school.
refashioned dress

Time to look for my Pandamania [VBS 2011] shirt….

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Refashion Series: A Refashion For Andy

There – no one can say that I don’t refashion for Andy. It’s just really hard for me to refashion an outfit for a 6th grader, a pre-teen boy. During summer, his half-brother who has a passion for cleanliness, neatness, and organization decided to single handedly -without my son’s permission to go through his closet. The only good thing that came out of this snafu is that he took out a few pullover sweatshirts that my son will never wear. He prefers hoodies. Light bulbs and neon lights were flashing REFASHION.

My son made his first choice of sweatshirt that I can refashion into a hoodie. After a few trial and errors in purchasing the right zipper length, I decided to just stick with the 20in, and finished the sweatshirt.

I feel sad that I couldn’t afford to purchase him an actual sweatshirt, but I don’t think anyone will notice that it’s handmade when they’re all trying to just stay warm. I did learn a lesson though, and even though my plan is to not spend too much money aside from the zipper and thread, I think for future hoodie refashions, I will invest in fleece remnants to keep the logo design intact.   A few dollars spent compared to a $20-$65 zip up sweater should still be okay



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Just raving about a $26.50 Savings

An unplanned trip to Joann’s on 8/16/13, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I scored on McCall’s patterns that would cost me close to $30.00 bucks if I were to buy them regular price. Instead, I saved $26.50!!! McCall’s patterns were on sale for $.70 cents!!!! .70 cents!!! I could always use a top bodice pattern to help enhance my refashions and to guarantee that my daughter will wear them out….


I already used the pattern M6737 for a refashion this past weekend, just waiting for my daughter to wear it so I can take a pic so stay tuned. If everything goes as planned, she’ll wear it tomorrow and by the time I pick her up, I can take that picture.

Stay tuned….

Refashion Series: Rompin’ Around

This piece took forever to make. And…..NO, it’s not because of my unwanted derailed summer plans – just in case anyone’s feelings gets offended by the previous sentence. I intentionally took my time for this piece, making sure that everything is where it should be, that, and I was waiting for that bit of inspiration/motivation to work on it. Lastly, I am feeling a bit more confident with my sewing abilities. My daughter hasn’t come home crying that she was made fun of by her outfit – so it’s still a green light for refashioning for her.

I was more inclined to finish this piece because for the first two days of school, my daughter wore two of the outfits I made her, even though I assured her that she has brand new clothes from her step-mom. She even told me that she can’t wait to wear the new romper as soon as it’s finished. I had wanted to make her more than one romper for the summer, but I can always make more for next year. At least for now, she can’t say I didn’t make one at all.

This are the before pieces. Her 3T dress, and a souvenir shirt from one of my son’s tae kwon do competitions when I was assisting coach. My client picked the pieces for her romper.

This is the after piece….taken at our local donut store during breakfast.
refashion romper

Out of all the refashions that I made, this is by far my favorite. Not the colors, but the piece itself. My princess already advised me on what she wants for the red shirt. Off to buy red thread

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Refashion Series: From Dress To Skirts

These are both size 3T dresses. She wore these up to when she was 4. She’s turning 7 next month.

Anyway, I made these skirts right after I made the Build A Bear dress. She wore one the same day, and one today. Sometimes it does help to run out of clean clothes, you’ll have to wear a skirt mommy made. I didn’t think she’d mind. She didn’t argue this morning when she was getting ready.
refashion skirtrefashion skirt

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Refashion Series: Build A Bear Edition

This was supposed to be posted in the same post last time. This is also an update to my last preview.

Basically, I had left over material that I couldn’t just throw away and so I decided to make the most of it and made Jewel a matching dress. Unfortunately, she had to wait until last Saturday to have a finished outfit. Obviously, I didn’t get to post until today.
refashioned dress

refashioned Build A Bear Outfit

Refashion Series: What To Wear During Sunday Service

Okay, I didn’t google enough before I started Refashion Friday. I hope I didn’t infringe on any copyright. I thought it would be cool if my daughter wears a refashioned piece to school on a Friday. Anyway, I’m changing that to Sundays. Instead, my daughter or me will be wearing a refashioned piece on Sunday when we go to the 5pm service.

This was the before pieces….


It works for now. There is a second part to this refashion. And no…I didnt get interrupted, rather I took my babes out to see a movie then went for a swim that and I ran out of thread.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!