Refashion Series: Dollar Refashion

I made this dress mid August. The reasons I’m just posting this now is because my son thought it would be nice if I embellish it a little bit more. I was ripping the seams during my lunch at work so the before picture is a little blurry. The delay was I wasn’t inspired to add the revisions my daughter wants. Right now it’s a work in progress because the Korean drama I’m watching ended it’s run. So I can go back to finishing this piece. But it works as is too. She actually managed to wear this last week, I managed to get a picture taken in between braiding her hair and before she put a cardigan on. It’s in the dollar refashion because the top part of the dress was purchased at my local 99c store. I’ll update this post with the embellished version of the top part of the dress using the remaining part of the pink shirt.

refashion dress

I have one more refashion that I made, it’s just a matter of when my princess will be wearing it before I do my Refashion Roundup.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.


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