Halloween Series [2013]: Updating DIY’s

So, I made these last year. But, I feel bad that the bases weren’t of quality. It looked rushed and it wasn’t sturdy.
2012 Halloween Trees
This year, I happen to come across a pack of black pots. I was so busy during summer, and was preoccupied with a Korean drama that I forgot where I bought them from. Although, I distinctively remember it was bought during summer because my unexpected guest was here then. Anyway, I thought I could use them as photo holders this year, but I decided to just update the trees at work. I was planning to bring plaster of paris and mix them at work, but I got shy the last minute and didn’t think I can pull it off in 30 minutes. So I just brought some left over rocks from my daughter’s project that we got from Dollar Tree to use as filler. Looks a bit better now, don’t you think?
2013 Halloween Tree


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