Survival Series: Day 2 – A day without spending

I didn’t spend money today!

Breakfast: Each kid ate 1 of the raisin buns [the roommate ate my share…argh!]
Lunch: I raided my freezer and cooked 2 sets of sausage links + rice
Snacks: My daughter ate a pbj sandwich, my son had a bowl of cereal.
Dinner: Made a simple chicken meal. Chicken was in my freezer, almost finished the 5lb bag of potatoes that I bought a while ago at the 99c store.

Budget until 12/13/13 paycheck: $12.59

Tomorrow is tougher because the roommate that does not pay is home all day.

Until then,
Surviving is also a DIY

Survival Series: Day 1- What’s left after payday

Backstory: July 2012, after paying rent, I’m left with very little to last until the next payday. That’s pretty much when this DIY blog started since I couldn’t and wouldn’t buy my daughter a necklace from Macy’s. Oct 2012, I resorted to again agreeing for my ex [son’s dad] to become my roommate so my son can still have his room, and “have his dad back”. Things have been bearable, got out of the whole – until July 2013, when my roommate unexpectedly let his other son stay with us for the whole summer. I didn’t mind it at first, but what got me annoyed is that my roommate didn’t pay me extra for his stay. This kid has an OCD – he washes his clothes everyday. The thing is he just washed 3 items in the washer and dryer. That, the extra mouth to feed is adding up. Sept 2013, my roommate didn’t pay for October’s rent. Oct 2013, I didn’t get his share for Nov’ rent. I’m still paying of the electric bill that his other son accumulated, and I have no help. Sure – he gave me 10 here and 20 there and overdrew his account so he can gas up the car – but it just puts us both in the hole.

Here I am—-trying to make sense of where I did wrong. Even after my local church helped me. I got back up to 0.00 but because of my roommate not paying me anytime soon….I’m back to where I was last July. I can’t just pack and go – since my lease ends in May 2014. Until then, my kids and I – we have to suffer a little bit more.

So, this time, I’m starting a Survival series – our day to day way of life. I don’t know if this is more inspiring or embarrassing – but it has to be let out of my system. Before anyone can say apply for food stamps, or school lunches….my paycheck says I over qualify – been denied every year since 2010.

Friday 11/22/13, I got my paycheck, and with what’s left of my last check, taking the rent away, I’m down to 141.11. Minus the fee for the driver— 121.11. Budget till 12/06/13 check $9.31

Day 1: I spent $5.00 @ Dollar Tree. I bought an 8pack Raisin Buns, hotdog, rice, 5 pk noodles, and a loaf of bread.

For Dinner: I made hotdogs, eggs, noodles and rice. The eggs are from purchase – but that’s running low.

Balance left until 12/06/13 check: 115.11. Daily budget: $9.59

Until then,
Surviving is also a DIY

Reality Series: Survival In Real Life

Most of you know by now, that my theme of DIY’s differ based on what needs to be done in my current living situation. I should’ve started this series last year, but because last year, I was the only one that made the “sacrifice” of skipping 2 meals and really cutting back on the whole eating thing….plus i survived, didn’t really make a deal out of it.

A little bit over a year later, I’m still in the same situation, this time much worse. So, instead of panicking on how to make things work, I’m going to use this blog to help me stay on track and focus on what needs to be done…feeding the kids on a budget until next payday.

Tomorrow is payday. But that check in it’s entirety will go to my rent. With what’s left on my prepaid card, + my check, i’m left with a budget of 9.00+/day until my next payday. For the curios ones, my paycheck tells the gov’t that i can’t qualify for food stamps or any other aid. My local church has helped me for quite sometime now, that I don’t want to ask again.

So here goes…with about $120.00 dollars until next payday, how will my kids and I survive? With the help of 99c store and Dollar Tree…we can come up with dinner, and their school lunches. Thanksgiving is out of the budget this year, so we’ll be eating normal meals….but we’re in survival mode

stay tuned.

Refashion Series: Seasons change, Style choices changes too

Fall/Winter refashion isn’t something I planned on doing on a regular basis. Correction: I do plan on refashioning if needed then blogging about it during Spring/Summer. One morning last week, my princess expressed that she wants to stop wearing tights, and jeans—the entire season. Ooops. Most of her outfits are meant to be worn with tights. She has asked if there’s any dresses – long enough for her not to wear tights, and wear leg warmers instead. Because it’s my son’s birthday week last week, I promised her that this week, I’ll make her some long dresses. I procrastinated thinking I can get away with Veteran’s Day. Nope. Yesterday morning, I tried to to squeeze in a really cute skirt and tights….let’s just say that the princess turned into a pink ogre.

After sifting my closet of those unwanted dresses, I found this dress that I  wore twice.

I thought she would use this more than I do. This will do for now.

I rushed making this last night just for her to be able to wear something to school today. I’ll re-alter this skirt this weekend and make it more neater. I just need to fix the waist band and add a belt of some sort. She did say she wants those ruffles incorporated on the skirt somehow. The skirt twirls is what matters the most. LOL!

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Keeping Up With Traditions/End of Halloween Series

2013 Pumpkins

We didn’t make any Halloween Plates this year because I didn’t get the chance to print the pictures, and I didn’t have money to buy the plates this year. I didn’t have enough plaster of paris to make our halloween ornaments. But, the important thing that I had to make was her costume which I manage to accomplish in time. That, and I didn’t think that my obsession with my Korean dramas will affect my real world. Lesson of the year is to better manage my time. LOL

Until next year.

Halloween Series: A Tree Of Our Own

I finally made a Halloween tree for home. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I made this to place on top of our staircase so trick or treaters will know no one’s home and won’t go all the way to our balcony.

Made from the same tree branch as the Easter tree. Just painted it black, used a spam can as a base and added plaster of paris. I have left over wire garland not enough but it could always be embellished for next year.

Halloween Series/Dollar Series: Extra Halloween Decor

I made this right after I made the pumpkin wreath. I was still trying to move on from a Korean drama that I was watching, and silly me- started a new one not thinking that I’ll be sucked in too. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad that I didn’t have time to make any decor. So, I had an extra spiderweb wreath from last year with 3 glow in the dark spiders on. One afternoon, I was browsing at Party City and they have the BEWARE foam sign for 99c. I thought it would be cool to combine them together. This was meant to be hung where I took the picture – but I brought it at work and it stayed there. LOL