Reality Series: Survival In Real Life

Most of you know by now, that my theme of DIY’s differ based on what needs to be done in my current living situation. I should’ve started this series last year, but because last year, I was the only one that made the “sacrifice” of skipping 2 meals and really cutting back on the whole eating thing….plus i survived, didn’t really make a deal out of it.

A little bit over a year later, I’m still in the same situation, this time much worse. So, instead of panicking on how to make things work, I’m going to use this blog to help me stay on track and focus on what needs to be done…feeding the kids on a budget until next payday.

Tomorrow is payday. But that check in it’s entirety will go to my rent. With what’s left on my prepaid card, + my check, i’m left with a budget of 9.00+/day until my next payday. For the curios ones, my paycheck tells the gov’t that i can’t qualify for food stamps or any other aid. My local church has helped me for quite sometime now, that I don’t want to ask again.

So here goes…with about $120.00 dollars until next payday, how will my kids and I survive? With the help of 99c store and Dollar Tree…we can come up with dinner, and their school lunches. Thanksgiving is out of the budget this year, so we’ll be eating normal meals….but we’re in survival mode

stay tuned.


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