[2013] Year In Review

2013 Has been a good year in both on and off my blog. Although, I am battling some personal issues, both physically and financially – I think I did ok for the most part. This year, I ventured on doing refashions for my daughter, thinking and believing that I have a potential in this area. I had a lot of plans and ideas that did not make it to the crafting/sewing board. I also have had my share of “fails” in both areas. Let’s see if they happen in 2014.

I learned that maintaining both projects and the blog takes a lot of time. I do need to contemplate on how to manage being a mom, crafting, sewing, and blogging plus a full time job. Anyway, here’s a summary in pictures of my diy’s this year. Thank you for checking out my blog. Remember, I’m on facebook, and pinterest. I’m still trying to think if I want to merge my tumblr blog about my Korean dramas plus my DIY posts. We’ll see.

Until Then,

Happy New Year!

This year’s Refashion photos are here: https://diyoftheweek.wordpress.com/rinoas-refashion-closet-3/2013-2/
My son had one refashion, not sure if he’ll let me do more….

[2013] Christmas Series: A Work Of Art

Our department is pretty much decked up for the holidays….except me. WHY? because I wanted to create a ” mall window” style decor. So, I’m working on my wall – one section at a time. For now, all I could do without spending is using what I have. I have leftover wrapping paper, cardboard boxes that were from a box of statements, and $1.00 worth of bows from the 99c store.

I covered up the wall for now by using a photo editor…I’ll post the finished wall soon…..
diy wall decor

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: No Ornament Left Behind[

Last year, I wanted to have a “Candy Cane” theme. Because of budget issues, I only bought Dollar Tree garlands. I didn’t use them as a garland, I took them apart and used them as an ornament on the tree. This year, the candy canes didn’t make it on the tree. I didn’t want to leave them out either. So I thought I could make a decor out of it. I still have enough candy canes left to make 1 or 2 more.
candy cane wreath diy

Until then,

Update: I made a second wreath after dinner.

Survival Series: Almost at the finish line

After paying rent. we are left with 38.00 till payday.

I haven’t updated after day 2 because my family was blessed with loving hearts who have us in mind and gave us food, and cash out of the goodness of their souls. My son enjoyed a lovely thanksgiving with his aunt and cousins which saved me a couple of meals.

We are almost at the finish line with a budget of $7.60 until Friday. But we still have that HUGE ham to cook and make meals out of. Their school lunches is covered. I only have to think of what to cook for dinner using ham.

Until then,
Survival is a DIY