[2014] Refashion Series: 2fer Deals

No – not the Disneyland one. I’m talking about this long dress that she found @ Goodwill. I thought I could make her the long skirt she’s wanted, and maybe a tank dress.

Now she has 2 new outfits for the price of one dress. A long maxi skirt, and a tank dress. She’s one happy princess today. She’s been waiting for months for a long skirt.
refashion maxi skirt, refashion tank dress

Until then,
Keep your passion for refashion.

[2014] Valentine Series: Crayon Hearts

My son opted out this year, but plans for a gift for his teacher. That’s for another blog. my daughter is still on board for this year’s valentines. After browsing @ Pinterest, she’s had her heart set on making crayon hearts.

The cost for this would’ve been $0.00 if I didn’t get tempted to buy another $3.97 set of molds @ Walmart, and had any leftover valentines from previous years. I already have the crayons from school year’s past.

Since this is a special year where she picked out what she wants to give, I thought I’d put in a little extra….
diy crayon hearts

Total cost:
$1.00 – label stickers @ Party City
$1.00 – bags @ Party City
$3.99 – valentines

Until then,


An heirLoom

Rainbow looms are the rage these days. No, I haven’t had the chance to buy her one…it didn’t make the Christmas list. But, we bought some pack @ Dollar Tree, and 99c store. So I decided to play around with it, because this is something that I could do way back in the 80’s -90’s where I grew up….and because it’s me, I enhanced it a bit using clasps for the necklace. I don’t know when she’s going to wear these, but here’s 2 of the loom necklaces I made for her.

[2014] Valentine Series: Preview

What’s in store for this year for our DIY?

As the dollar stores roll out their Valentines decor, I started buying them with no clue what I’m going to make out of them. It’s already Jan. 17, so I figured, I should start making something else out of these.

Valentine preview

Garlands, Cookie Cutters, Heart Ice Tray/Mold, Flower Petals, Felt Fabric, Heart Gems Table Scatter, Plain White Mugs, Valentine Picks, Ladies Lace Top, Girl’s Headband.

Stay tuned…..

[2013] Christmas Series: DIY Snowgirl Costume

My daughter has a presentation. I knew about it two weeks prior. I found out about the prop – two days before. I’m not an artist, so I can’t draw. I couldn’t force my son to draw for her. My only option was to sew a costume.
I purchased those fluffy fabric that looks like snow @ Dollar Tree, a black hat @JoAnn’s, used some of our ornaments. This was the fastest costume I have ever made.

diy snowman costume

This marks the end of our 2013 Christmas Series.

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Keeping Her Entertained

One day, while washing dishes, I heard this little voice saying “I have nothing to do”. Everything I offered her to do, the diva said “NO”. Until I asked if she wanted to “CRAFT”. With her eyes lit up, I thought of what was on hand for her to pass the hour I’m in the kitchen, and her big bro spending time on Minecraft.

So, I found a long string of beaded garlands that never made it during the Holidays.

I took the scissors out and cut it. Grabbed all of our pipe cleaners, and told her to string them into ornaments. That did the trick.

But here’s a couple of the ornaments, and I brought some to work.
diy christmas ornaments

Until then,


[2013] Last Minute Decorating

One of the bosses asked if we could decorate his office too. We happily obliged because we do have some left over ornaments, and garlands to hang. I only made one DIY out of a box lid, extra gift wrap, and a few more ornaments that didn’t get to hang on the garlands. My goal at this point, is to use all of the ornaments.
diy christmas wall decor

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Is There A Thing Such As A DIY Fail?

I found the perfect size I wanted to make another set of ornament wreath. But as soon as I’m ready to close it up, it comes out looking like an egg. We’ve changed wires and reinforced the wires, I even added more ornaments, and it’s not coming out the way I want. My kids were teasing me that I should save it for Easter. I didn’t want to let it sit in a box, especially I paid regular price for the ornaments at Big Lots + 99c store ornaments.

I decided to just hang it outside and work on it next year.

diy ornament garland

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Making It Work

It’s fun to decorate at work especially when: 1. they don’t mind you’re the one decorating, and 2. you’re decorating with your boss and co-workers in your department. This year, I still wasn’t able to contribute by buying decorations. Good thing they purchased some last year and just didn’t get to use it. I still have some leftover pieces that I don’t want to tuck away, there’s left over ornaments as well. So, I made 2 vertical wall decor

left over Dollar TreeĀ  garland + ornaments
diy christmas wall decor

Until then,



What a year 2013 has been!
I do apologize for lack of updates. It has been crazy, good – but crazy wild. Anyway, I’ll be finishing the Christmas Series soon. DIY’s are done, pics are taken – just need to upload and post. I’ll be starting on Valentine Series – a mini one as well. Lastly, I have been meaning to post for the Barbie Series, I think I have enough material to cover it.

Until then