[2013] Christmas Series: Keeping Her Entertained

One day, while washing dishes, I heard this little voice saying “I have nothing to do”. Everything I offered her to do, the diva said “NO”. Until I asked if she wanted to “CRAFT”. With her eyes lit up, I thought of what was on hand for her to pass the hour I’m in the kitchen, and her big bro spending time on Minecraft.

So, I found a long string of beaded garlands that never made it during the Holidays.

I took the scissors out and cut it. Grabbed all of our pipe cleaners, and told her to string them into ornaments. That did the trick.

But here’s a couple of the ornaments, and I brought some to work.
diy christmas ornaments

Until then,



One thought on “[2013] Christmas Series: Keeping Her Entertained

  1. Aw, I like that! How did you find the postcard image to use? I still have a silver bow to return to you (clipped up over my filing cabinet).

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