[2014] Refashion Series: Happy Pants

Taking a minor break from our Valentine series for this quick fix it post.

Backstory: Mr A once said that I only refashion for Ms R. True mostly because I have clothes that she can wear and it is not like he will wear a tutu skirt. So I took it as a challenge and accepted it last night.

Current situation: Mr A hates to change his jeans since forever. He will wear it until it is ripped. Sadly the time has come for him to wear those jeans in the closet. Turns out, he doesn’t like to wear them because they have no cargo pockets. I still have a box of jeans that he outgrew , and torn apart. He has found a pair of jeans that I would like him to wear. All I did was unstitched the pockets from the older jeans and sew onto the newer pair.

Viola!!! Challenge Accepted. Operation: Happy Pants….Accomplished
fixed jeans

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!


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