[2014] Valentine / Refashion Series: True Hearts Day

My daughter and I fell madly in love with the Ever After High dolls. Her favorite character is Raven Queen. My “rebel” princess has proclaimed that her new favorite colors are now purple and black. Not because those have been Mommy’s favorite colors for like — forever after, but because Raven Queen wears these colors. Well, Rebel R needs a True Hearts Day outfit, and it has to be all “Rebel-ish”.

For the shirt, instead of using fabric paint, she used a bleach pen on a black shirt

For the skirt, I used a lace top from the 99c store, and old shirt of mine, and a tutu skirt from Dollar tree. I didn’t get the ruffle effect I wanted, but she was happy with the outcome

I didn’t get the chance to make her headband, and jewelry. That’s for another crafting day.

Now she’s all set to go to school, to hand out her Valentines in her True Hearts Day outfit.

Raven Queen Inspired Outfit

This marks the end of our Valentine Series. Thank you for following, and don’t forget to pin images that you like.

Until then,

Happy Valentines Day and Keep Your Passion for Refashion!


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