Saving Sewing Patterns

I should’ve done this when I first started refashioning clothes. I am still not that experienced, despite the early age that I’ve learned how to sew. So, in the refashions I’ve made for my daughter, I still use patterns to get the look that I need. I only use the patterns for the bodice portion. Since she does not have a preference on how the bodice looks, I can re-use the same ones. Now that she’s grown a size, I came across a dilemma regarding the patterns I’ve used. I need to cut the next size pattern but it ended up as a thin strip and it was not easy to tape with the pattern that I’ve originally cut last year.

I came across a youtube video on how to make MH doll clothes, and the advice that I heard was to use acetate film. LIGHTBULB!! I can use acetate sheets for my patterns too!I may be the last to know this, and there must be a gazillion tutorials out there, but this is just pure genius! I can use this technique for her Ever After High dolls without ripping the seams off.

I am in need of a new bodice pattern anyway, so I found one @ Walmart for $2.97. The acetate pack [25 sheets] are $15.00 @ Michael’s. I will be investing in glue dots for those patterns that went outside the 9×12 sheet.

I found the pattern that I needed, placed the film on the pattern, traced the border, and cut the pattern.
acetate sheet sewing pattern
Now, I don’t have to worry about crumpling the pattern. Best of all I did not cut anything out of the original pattern.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

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