Refashion Series: The Hardest Pockets I Had Ever Sewn

I’ve learned to sew at a young age, even then I didn’t get hurt [when I should’ve] until today. Heck, I learned how to ride a bike when I was 9 without a scratch in order to prove to my grandma that I CAN. However, I had my first ever sewing “injury” by a pin. No, it’s not just a poke. That darn thing slit a line on my thumb, and it’s pretty deep. Deep enough that I’m not using my thumb to type.

How? It went something like this:
brain: it would make sense to sew the pockets from the old ripped jeans to the brand new pair of jeans, then you can change the needle back to the regular one and sew to your hearts desire.
heart: okay, but just one pair of jeans. the goodwill clothes are REALLY stacking up, and she still doesn’t have enough long maxi skirt and dresses.
brain: deal. do it now, before you change your mind again.
heart: i really just don’t feel like sewing jeans. not feeling it. I WANT TO MAKE MAXI SKIRTS!!!!
brain: i thought we had a deal
heart: fine, after dinner.

After dinner, I started sewing. I got the first pocket on just fine. Still early – if I get done on time, I might have time to sew a really quick maxi skirt. Sewing the second pocket. It came out uneven the first time. Darn. Second time around, I had sewn the inside pockets with it. WT!#$!#$???? My daughter at this point is ready for bed. I thought, let me rest and finish it when everyone is getting ready for bed. I’ll tuck her in, watch her fall asleep and fall in love with my princess all over again and I can go back out and finish the pocket and surprise her with one skirt.

So, I was ready to finish that stubborn pocket. Guess what? I was rushing myself to make it fit in between the foot that my hand slipped, and I cut my finger.

It looks like it shouldn’t hurt. Let’s put a feeling on this, shall we? it feels like a !@#$%#%$%$^ paper cut!!!!!! Third time, I actually managed to sew the whole thing on. I was done, right? NO turns out, I didn’t sew it flat. At this point I want to give up because I cant’ use my thumb to push the fabric through. Fifth time—-Somehow, I had sewn a part of the waistband too. I was cursing at my brain. 6th time, the bobbin ran out of thread. I started to think my sewing machine hates someone…and it has 2 choices, the seamstress, or the owner of the pants. I’m assuming me because I keep forcing to sew something that it clearly does not want to sew. I didn’t want to give, or did I? At this point, a brew of feelings are heating up, I don’t how I controlled it. So I tried the 7th time. That is when I finally got it right. Done? NOOOOO I still have to put the @!#%#% flap! Thankfully that was easier.

My sewing machine deserves a full maintenance. I’ll skip lunch and my part of dinner to be able to afford it. It’s my way of saying sorry, and don’t give up on me because I have tons and tons of girly girl outfits to still make.

In the end. I finished it. It was the hardest pockets I ever had to sew. Note to self: SKIP A MEAL IF I WANT TO BUY MY KID A PAIR OF CARGO PANTS FULL PRICE. Another note to self: NEVER EVER SEW UNINSPIRED. Last note to self: NEVER EVER LET YOUR BRAIN DO THE SEWING.

Until then

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, and try not to cut your finger until you succeed.


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