Refashion Series: Not bound by size

I bought this skirt from Goodwill back in December. It was a women’s skirt size M. I didn’t start working on it until last week. We’ll I took the before picture with the intention of making the skirt, but I had to prioritize on which kid needs a DIY more than anything so I set the skirt back one project. Then I hurt my thumb. Then I got my family into a car accident. We are all okay. no one was sent to the hospital. So I didn’t get to sew Saturday as planned. which was cool because I had already taken the measurements and separated the elastic. All that was needed was to rip the seams which was a good distraction for Sunday.

Surprisingly enough, I finished the skirt within the hour. So my princess could come home to 2 DIY especially made for her as my way of saying she’s gone for too long.

The skirt was a success Monday morning. Her highness got ready without a fuss because she knows she’s wearing a style she likes.

Until Then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Trying Other Forms Of Art

Last year, Mr. A entered a competition and used melted crayon on a canvas. There was an extra canvas left over that I spray painted on and added stickers for my daughter to play with or leave it at that. Well, last night, I was missing her because she’s at her dad’s for the weekend after a minor car accident that happened. So to pass the time, I decided to play with the canvas and just went with it.I messed up with outlining her name so I had to paint the whole thing purple. Then I thought I could use some leopard stencils. I used sharpie markers for the stencil.

This is what she’s coming home to tonight.

Until then,