[2014] Easter / Refashion Series: Gotta Have That Dress

First, I apologize for the major lack of DIY’s and posts. Reality hit too hard and it is taking a lot of my time, energy, strength, and attention. I have placed my Easter and Mother’s Day Series on hold, but not before I made what would be the finale for the Easter Series. Here goes….
My daughter found this dress @ Goodwill way back. She had already planned that this will be her Easter dress. It was a size 12. At that time, she was a size 6. Now she’s a 7. So all I had to do is cut a portion in the back and sewed the straps in. Oh what a mom has to do when her princess just got to have that dress. And — she’s not a fan of the color yellow.
Yeah it’s not a refashion per se— but this is my way of saying don’t let the size discourage you from buying or wearing an outfit anymore!

Until then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series/Costume Series: Mother Made – Princess Approved!

My daughter once told me that her entire 2nd grade class will be having a play. I didn’t put too much into it until she told me end of February…
Rinoa: “Oh by the way, you’re making my costume for the play?
Me: :ME? WHY?”
Rinoa: “Because I told them you will”
Me: “What about the rest of the class?”
Rinoa: “They can use the costume the teachers provide or they’ll tell them to bring their own”

I confirmed during parent conference on 3/12/14, that the students are now going to come up with their costume. The teachers will be providing the props. My daughter is one of the princesses. Now I know why she wants me to make her a costume. She said: “I want to be a one of a kind princess, and you make the most beautiful one of a kind costumes.”

Using her favorite Ever After High character- Raven Queen, and her two new favorite colors of the year as inspiration. I’ve come up with this costume. I wished I took pictures of how this was constructed. Maybe on the next costume. But these are the materials used: black shirt, purple dress, 1 roll 50yd/blk tulle, 2 rolls 25yd/purple tulle. I crocheted the waistband for the tulle to be looped on, and hand sewn the tutu skirt on the dress.

I also made a head chain, and necklace from left over tulle using a chain stitch.

Until then,

Keep your passion for re-fashion