Refashion Series/Costume Series: Mother Made – Princess Approved!

My daughter once told me that her entire 2nd grade class will be having a play. I didn’t put too much into it until she told me end of February…
Rinoa: “Oh by the way, you’re making my costume for the play?
Me: :ME? WHY?”
Rinoa: “Because I told them you will”
Me: “What about the rest of the class?”
Rinoa: “They can use the costume the teachers provide or they’ll tell them to bring their own”

I confirmed during parent conference on 3/12/14, that the students are now going to come up with their costume. The teachers will be providing the props. My daughter is one of the princesses. Now I know why she wants me to make her a costume. She said: “I want to be a one of a kind princess, and you make the most beautiful one of a kind costumes.”

Using her favorite Ever After High character- Raven Queen, and her two new favorite colors of the year as inspiration. I’ve come up with this costume. I wished I took pictures of how this was constructed. Maybe on the next costume. But these are the materials used: black shirt, purple dress, 1 roll 50yd/blk tulle, 2 rolls 25yd/purple tulle. I crocheted the waistband for the tulle to be looped on, and hand sewn the tutu skirt on the dress.

I also made a head chain, and necklace from left over tulle using a chain stitch.

Until then,

Keep your passion for re-fashion

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