Refashion Series: Two Refashions For Graduation

No- not for my graduate. He deserves something new for this special day. I am talking about my daughter , and a refashion for me.
Apparently, she’s done with long skirts and wants to go back to wearing shorts. Well for me shorts = rompers.
So I have bought this size XS womens top @ Goodwill thinking I’ll turn it into a romper. Just in time for graduation which also happens to be the last day of school. I had her wear a tank top that she tie dyed last year to prevent any “sent home early due to dress code issues”. She said that she saw Selena Gomez wear something like this….she felt like a pop star the whole day!

diy romper

As for me – I wanted to match colors with my son. He didn’t like the black dress shirt I originally bought. Thankfully, KMART had the last blue dress shirt for his size. Now all I have to do is match that. So an old dress that I probably wore onceĀ  + a blue tank top that I always wear + black elastic = 1 maxi dress. This is my first diy maxi dress for myself since I started this hobby.

diy maxi dress

Until then,
Keep Your Passion For Refashion.


Refashion Series: Decades Week – 80s Day

This marks the final post for Decades Week.

I ended up digging in her basket and pulled the look in the morning, after the dress I altered was a little too long, and i did’nt have a belt to hold it in. She was totally rockin the 80’s though.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 70s Day

My daughter is the only that has a refashion. My son has a vest that he can use – but he opted out of today’s fashion project. Boys I tell you. Anyway, I have a halter top that I never wore, and a pair of flare pants that I probably wore before I had kids. I measure my daughter and worked on her outfit while she was sleeping. Not the perfect outfit, but it works for now.
diy 70s disco outfit, diy decades week

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 60s Day

6/4/14 – I’m financially strapped and couldn’t buy the accessories at Party City. But, the point of having a DIY blog is to —-DIY!!! So, I went to Dollar Tree and bought the last t-shirts they have. I also bought back in 2012 a garment that I meant to turn into a dress for my daughter but just never got around to it. This is the best time to refashion this.

I used two blue shirts to make a fringe vest for my son.
diy fringe vest, t shirt vest
I used one yellow shirt for the fringe vest, and the nightwear for the skirt. She matched it with a tank top that she tie dyed last year.
diy fringe vest, tshirt vest, 60s skirt

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 50s Day

I’ve skipped this since my oldest started school in 2007. To this day, he’s not one to really dress up. But, because of my daughter, and the blog – I thought I should give it a try to come up with something for each day.

On June 3rd, it was the 50s Day. The only thing I could think of is making a circle skirt for my daughter. I finally got to use the fabric I bought back in 2007.

diy circle skirt, diy 50s skirt, diy decades costume

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.