Refashion Series: Two Refashions For Graduation

No- not for my graduate. He deserves something new for this special day. I am talking about my daughter , and a refashion for me.
Apparently, she’s done with long skirts and wants to go back to wearing shorts. Well for me shorts = rompers.
So I have bought this size XS womens top @ Goodwill thinking I’ll turn it into a romper. Just in time for graduation which also happens to be the last day of school. I had her wear a tank top that she tie dyed last year to prevent any “sent home early due to dress code issues”. She said that she saw Selena Gomez wear something like this….she felt like a pop star the whole day!

diy romper

As for me – I wanted to match colors with my son. He didn’t like the black dress shirt I originally bought. Thankfully, KMART had the last blue dress shirt for his size. Now all I have to do is match that. So an old dress that I probably wore once  + a blue tank top that I always wear + black elastic = 1 maxi dress. This is my first diy maxi dress for myself since I started this hobby.

diy maxi dress

Until then,
Keep Your Passion For Refashion.


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