Refashion Series: Last Minute Tank Dress

My daughter had to wear something new just to go to her big brother’s tae kwon do class. By new – she meant I have to make her a one of a kind anything. Dealing with a migraine, this is the best I could do. I will most likely re-refashion this whenever she goes to her dad so I can surprise her when she comes back. Made from an Women’s XS tank top.


Refashion Series: Ruffling Things Up II

She says she likes this shirt – but as part of a dress.

So I found this dress @ Goodwill –

Took maybe 15-20 minutes and viola! A dress. Now she loves it! She didn’t want to pose because she wanted the picture taken where the billboards are….but she proudly told people that I made the dress and earned her two new friends!

Until Then,

Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series: Ruffling Things Up‏

Last year, I bought a t-shirt from Dollar Tree in hopes to make something for St Patrick’s Day this year. Well – that didn’t happen. I found the shirt again, and I really wanted to make something from this. I was on Pinterest when I found this refashioned shirt from So all I needed is some scrap fabric which was 97c at Walmart. I thought my daughter would look cute in it-ruffles and all – and she would actually wear something green and bright for Summer.

She said she likes it- but she likes it better as a dress. Off to the 99c store I go and look for a black tshirt.

Until Then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series: 4th Of July Fashion

It’s 4th of July, and every year we watch the fireworks at our local mall. This year, I made two refashions. After years of “experience” I knew that I wanted to make something very comfortable since we will be camped out hours before the firework starts. The blue shirt on the left will be turned into a halter top, and the dress on the right will be made into a dress, the remaining part of the fabric will be for another post.

diy halter top, resized dress

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.