[2015] Valentine Series: DIY Valentine Postcards

My daughter wanted to make handmade valentines again this year, even though I was wiling to buy Ever After High valentines. We both came up with the idea of just making postcards and handing out chocolate with them. I think she wanted to make sure it’s as simple as possible since I’m still recovering from my traumatic work experience.

We had index cards handy, and out of the blue, my manager handed me foam sheets. I also found a $1.00 sticker book @ Micheal’s that has stickers that can pass for stamps. I also have tons of red tulle that I didn’t get to use last Christmas.

She hand wrote her message and I sewed a pouch in the back for the chocolate to go in. I sealed it so they won’t eat it at school. So far, it turned out the way she wanted it.

This marks the end of our Valentine Series. My daughter wants me to start planning for a St. Patrick’s outfit since I missed my target schedule on making her Valentine outfit. So, stay tuned.

diy valentine postcard

Until then,

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