[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 2

After a really long break from DIY and crafts, – my daughter encouraged me to DIY something for her for this week’s teacher appreciation week, and, I obliged. Day 1 was yesterday, I didn’t take a picture but we just made a simple “It’s All About My Teacher” poster. So – moving on to Day 2.
Day 2 – The students are supposed to bring their teacher flowers. Knowing me, my daughter knew that I wouldn’t just buy a bouquet of faux flowers and stick it in a vase for her to bring. She knew that I would go to 99c store and get at least 4 stems [4-6] rose buds/stem, and try to make something out of it. I have a 1 ½” styro foam ball and chopsticks on hand, plus green streamer, sand, and a box.
Naturally, I made a flower topiary. My daughter wants me to make another one for her. So a photo tutorial may or may not come up

DIY Flower Topiary

Until then,
Happy DIY
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