[2015] $2 Dollar Hula Skirt

This post will also be on my refashion blog: iamarefashionistamom.wordpress.com.
The reason this post is here is because I am not using other fabric materials to make this item.

My daughter told me that their 1st school assembly is on 8/17. She told me that I NEED to make her a hula skirt. When I asked why, it’s because it’s Hawaiian Day. I wasn’t prepared this year because their last Hawaiian Day was in 2013. I’ve been preparing for Pirate Day which has been the theme last couple of years. Anyway, without a car and a busy after school/work schedule, the only place I could go to was Dollar Tree – hoping to convince her to buy premade Hawaiian stuff. But, they ran out at my store. So I resorted to buying tablecloths. She chose green and yellow. I only used half of each to make one hula skirt.
DIY Hula Skirt
So, what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Until then,
Happy DIY
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