[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 5

This is the final day for teacher appreciation week. Their instruction was to write a note to their teacher. I didn’t want a simple note or a greeting card. My daughter wrote her thank you note, and I just inserted it in a picture frame. The plan was to embellish the frame, but she fell asleep before I even took the frame out of the bag. I guess simplicity is beauty. Besides, there’s always next year.

Until then,

Happy DIY

Something I Didn’t Teach

I always imagined that my daughter will learn everything from me when it comes to arts, and crafts. When I learned to make a rainbow loom fishtail bracelet the day she was at her dad’s, I couldn’t wait to teach her how I did it by hand. But, she wasn’t herself after coming back from a fabulous weekend. Last week, she came home telling me her friend taught her how to do it by hand. I think I am more proud of her that she learned something on her own. She did a couple after I cleaned our patio. She was so proud that she wore it out!

My daughter, future crafter.
fishtail rainbow loom

An heirLoom

Rainbow looms are the rage these days. No, I haven’t had the chance to buy her one…it didn’t make the Christmas list. But, we bought some pack @ Dollar Tree, and 99c store. So I decided to play around with it, because this is something that I could do way back in the 80’s -90’s where I grew up….and because it’s me, I enhanced it a bit using clasps for the necklace. I don’t know when she’s going to wear these, but here’s 2 of the loom necklaces I made for her.

[2014] Valentine Series: Preview

What’s in store for this year for our DIY?

As the dollar stores roll out their Valentines decor, I started buying them with no clue what I’m going to make out of them. It’s already Jan. 17, so I figured, I should start making something else out of these.

Valentine preview

Garlands, Cookie Cutters, Heart Ice Tray/Mold, Flower Petals, Felt Fabric, Heart Gems Table Scatter, Plain White Mugs, Valentine Picks, Ladies Lace Top, Girl’s Headband.

Stay tuned…..

Patriotic Series: Part 3 – Last minute inspiration

I bought a set [3pk] of leis for my son for their Wear Red, White, Blue Day @ school. Now, it’s just going to collect dust until their next event. I barely learned how to make flower frills and a thought hit me on the way home yesterday. I wonder if I can make frills with the leis.
It was simple to make. I used about 20 flowers to make one frill. I was able to put one on my daughter’s tophat, and I was able to make a pin for me. I still have about half of the lei left. If time permits, I might just make a headband, and add them to a flip flop or something.

4th of july diy tophat, patriotic tophat diy,flower frill diydiy flower frill, 4th of july flower frill pin, patriotic flower frill

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Finishing What I Started

I made 3 Kanzashi flowers. One, I attached into a headband. The other two, I finished adding the tulle layer. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, until I found two of my daughter’s hair clips, each missing a gem. The gems I have are slightly bigger and I do not have a rectangle…

Now she has a new pair of clips.

Until then,

My very own Kanzashi flower headband

So, yesterday I started making a few Kanzashi flowers. I didn’t know how far I’d go with it. diy kanzashi flowersSo I made a bigger flower [9 petals] during lunch, and made the bottom layer using tulle [13 petals] after dinner. My daughter said she wanted it to be a headband. The 99c store sells 6/pk Goody headbands, which I already bought a while back. I still have to figure out what I’m going to do with the other two petals.
diy kanzashi flower headband

Trying Something New – Kanzashi Flowers

I’ve been trying to keep busy while I come up with all the supplies that I need for my biggest DIY project yet. In the meantime, this will keep me “sane”. I found these Kanzashi flower makers at Beverly’s, I also have scrap fabric from 5 years ago, when I re-attempted to sew clothes for my daughter during my separation-divorce, and I bought a pack of the rosettes thinking I’ll be making some sort of necklace with it.

I think I know where these will end up after I make a few more flowers. One flower [5 petals] takes about 20 minutes. Meaning, I can make a flower during my half hour lunch. I can’t wait for my daughter to learn how to make this!

I also finally have a reason to buy those scrap fabrics –

diy kanzashi flowers

Until then,


diy necklace holderFor Father’s Day, the plan was to make a key holder. That hasn’t changed. The other plan was to use materials that’s left over from previous DIY’s. For starters, there’s leftover mini duct tape from the cowgirl headband I made, tons of jumbo craft sticks. The only thing I bought was a pack of self adhesive hooks from the 99c store.
My daughter has diligently worked on the sides one at a time. I somehow managed to have her wrap duct tape while watching Wizards Of Waverly Place at the same time, or make her to it in the morning before going to school. However, we ran out of leopard print duct tape..so she’s short one side. She didn’t want to make a triangle key holder. What to do? As you can see – we bought a different duct tape pattern.

Now, the question is what to do with the 3 pcs that she made?
Answer: Her necklace holder.

made out of 4 jumbo craft sticks, wrapped with duct tape, and self adhesive hooks

Patriotic Series: Part 1 – Feeling Patriotic

Patriotic DIY Tophat

I should have a premade template post that starts with…”I wasn’t planning for this DIY, but…” Anyway, I was inspired from the cowboy hat that I whipped up, and thought I should make a red, white, and blue – just in case the school holds another spirit week, day, assembly. I was really inclined to make a tophat….

-Headband was wrapped with red ribbon.

-Tophat was made from: glitter foam sheets, empty ribbon spool, rose, ribbon, feathers, garland, cord from door hanger, and felt stars

Patriotic Wreath DIYbut, I didn’t make the headband until I made this wreath. I purchased the garland thinking I’m going to be using it for the headband.

Until Then,