Refashion Series/Christmas Series: Into The Holiday Spirit

**Blogger’s Note***
My daughter told me that I’ve earned my first critic. She told me that – that person doesn’t understand why I made the outfits I’ll be posting in a bit. My daughter thinks it’s to look cute, so I’ll let her have that.

For me – doing this heals me. For years I’ve been battling depression, which escalated this year [hence the lack of crafts, refashions, and posts]. Although I’m not medically diagnosed [and I won’t], crafting, and sewing is what gets me through a day or week, or season. My daughter is proud of me that even though I don’t go get her clothes at Justice, I can always whip up an outfit out of my old clothes or make an outfit from scratch. That is what heals me. Her appreciation towards what I do – it’s not the money spent on an outfit, it’s the love I pour when making it.

Right now, aside from the love of my children, and Korean drama addiction, this- is the only talent I have, and I want to inspire others to let their talents come out and show the world that they can do something.

Don’t worry – my daughter, she has her own sense of style. I always run everything by her on how her outfit should look before actually making it.

Now – back to my post. For the last week of school, I wanted to bring the Holiday Spirit in her school by making a Holiday themed outfit – refashion style of course. Without further ado, here is my princess dressed up. We missed Monday because she was saving an outfit for a picture with Santa.

refashioned snowman

The sweater was her brother’s that was never worn. I resized it to fit her, the pom poms are just pinned on so she can wear the sweater dress this winter. I made a tutu skirt to match.
Christmas Tree / Christmas Skirt
diy christmas tree, tree skirt to skirt
This was the inspiration for the tree skirt-I bought fabric and made this from scratch since I couldn’t find matching green skirts. The white strips are from 99c store tree skirts.
The red skirt was made out of Dollar Tree tree skirts. I meant to add white tulle for more of a Santa effect, but my muse wanted this simple.

refashioned gingerbread dress
It’s the last day of school, and pajama day. My daughter didn’t want me to make pajamas out of the dress I got from Goodwill, but she wanted a pajama dress. So I just used a portion of the dress to make a skirt, and resized a 99c store shirt to fit her and added pom poms.

refashioned elf costume
Last but not the least, the elf outfit. This was actually the first one I made. She didn’t want to wear it to school because this was going to be the outfit she’ll wear for a picture with Santa too.

This post is my last for 2014. Next up will be my year in review.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Until then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series: 4th Of July Fashion

It’s 4th of July, and every year we watch the fireworks at our local mall. This year, I made two refashions. After years of “experience” I knew that I wanted to make something very comfortable since we will be camped out hours before the firework starts. The blue shirt on the left will be turned into a halter top, and the dress on the right will be made into a dress, the remaining part of the fabric will be for another post.

diy halter top, resized dress

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

[2013] Christmas Series: DIY Snowgirl Costume

My daughter has a presentation. I knew about it two weeks prior. I found out about the prop – two days before. I’m not an artist, so I can’t draw. I couldn’t force my son to draw for her. My only option was to sew a costume.
I purchased those fluffy fabric that looks like snow @ Dollar Tree, a black hat @JoAnn’s, used some of our ornaments. This was the fastest costume I have ever made.

diy snowman costume

This marks the end of our 2013 Christmas Series.

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Keeping Her Entertained

One day, while washing dishes, I heard this little voice saying “I have nothing to do”. Everything I offered her to do, the diva said “NO”. Until I asked if she wanted to “CRAFT”. With her eyes lit up, I thought of what was on hand for her to pass the hour I’m in the kitchen, and her big bro spending time on Minecraft.

So, I found a long string of beaded garlands that never made it during the Holidays.

I took the scissors out and cut it. Grabbed all of our pipe cleaners, and told her to string them into ornaments. That did the trick.

But here’s a couple of the ornaments, and I brought some to work.
diy christmas ornaments

Until then,


[2013] Last Minute Decorating

One of the bosses asked if we could decorate his office too. We happily obliged because we do have some left over ornaments, and garlands to hang. I only made one DIY out of a box lid, extra gift wrap, and a few more ornaments that didn’t get to hang on the garlands. My goal at this point, is to use all of the ornaments.
diy christmas wall decor

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Is There A Thing Such As A DIY Fail?

I found the perfect size I wanted to make another set of ornament wreath. But as soon as I’m ready to close it up, it comes out looking like an egg. We’ve changed wires and reinforced the wires, I even added more ornaments, and it’s not coming out the way I want. My kids were teasing me that I should save it for Easter. I didn’t want to let it sit in a box, especially I paid regular price for the ornaments at Big Lots + 99c store ornaments.

I decided to just hang it outside and work on it next year.

diy ornament garland

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Making It Work

It’s fun to decorate at work especially when: 1. they don’t mind you’re the one decorating, and 2. you’re decorating with your boss and co-workers in your department. This year, I still wasn’t able to contribute by buying decorations. Good thing they purchased some last year and just didn’t get to use it. I still have some leftover pieces that I don’t want to tuck away, there’s left over ornaments as well. So, I made 2 vertical wall decor

left over Dollar Tree  garland + ornaments
diy christmas wall decor

Until then,

[2013] Christmas Series: A Work Of Art

Our department is pretty much decked up for the holidays….except me. WHY? because I wanted to create a ” mall window” style decor. So, I’m working on my wall – one section at a time. For now, all I could do without spending is using what I have. I have leftover wrapping paper, cardboard boxes that were from a box of statements, and $1.00 worth of bows from the 99c store.

I covered up the wall for now by using a photo editor…I’ll post the finished wall soon…..
diy wall decor

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: No Ornament Left Behind[

Last year, I wanted to have a “Candy Cane” theme. Because of budget issues, I only bought Dollar Tree garlands. I didn’t use them as a garland, I took them apart and used them as an ornament on the tree. This year, the candy canes didn’t make it on the tree. I didn’t want to leave them out either. So I thought I could make a decor out of it. I still have enough candy canes left to make 1 or 2 more.
candy cane wreath diy

Until then,

Update: I made a second wreath after dinner.

2012: Year In Review

What a year it has been! What started out as a thought of not spending too much money for a $75.00 pc of jewelry that a-soon- to- be- 6- year- old- girl- wants- to- have, turned out to be my personal accomplishment of the year.

I named the blog DIY OF THE WEEK to push me into crafting something new and post on Sundays like clockwork. I guess craftiness, not to mention- TIME and BUDGET does not work that way, thanks in part with this life called single parenthood. I will admit that there were times that I could not get inspired or motivated to work on something even though I had planned it, and had the materials to do it. To this day, there’s a DIY Barbie couch sitting under one of my tables, waiting to be wrapped in decorative paper, photographed, and blogged about. My daughter has been using it the way it is on a regular basis, which is the whole point of the DIY project to begin with. Still, one of the many purposes this blog is to keep track of what I’ve done and to motivate me to do more.

I honestly thought that after the jewelry frenzy, and a couple of Barbie furniture, that this blog was done and over with. My head was stuck on just working with jewelry pieces that I lost sight of what the meaning of DIY stands for. With 3 followers, including me – it did kind of bogged me down a bit. If it wasn’t for my co-workers who decorated for Halloween and we all got a “little” carried away, I probably wouldn’t have been re-inspired to make DIY’s not to mention DIY decorations.

Thankfully, the ideas didn’t stop with the Halloween tree. Thankfully, my kids became interested and wanted to get down and dirty with the crafts I’m making. Thankfully, they didn’t want to stop doing DIY. If it wasn’t for budget issues, I most likely would’ve come up with some Thanksgiving décor too.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane on how I just wanted to make a similar necklace, to realizing that my daughter has too many Barbie dolls but no furniture, to getting inspired with DIY Holiday décor. - barbie

I would like to thank my children, Andy and Rinoa. If it wasn’t for both of you, my life would most definitely be boring. If it wasn’t for you guys asking for things I can’t afford this year, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to try to make it myself. Thank you for finding what I do interesting, and want to be a part of it. Thank you for my co-workers who re-ignited my spark, and I was able to provide our department with a gift from my heart. Thank you for the 300+visitors that found this little blog, the bloggers who took the time to click on that like button. You guys [and gals] are also part of my motivation to keep crafting and blogging so that I have something to post on a regular basis.

Please keep checking in – there’s something always to DIY, ergo – it will be blogged!

Until then,