Refashion Series/Christmas Series: Into The Holiday Spirit

**Blogger’s Note***
My daughter told me that I’ve earned my first critic. She told me that – that person doesn’t understand why I made the outfits I’ll be posting in a bit. My daughter thinks it’s to look cute, so I’ll let her have that.

For me – doing this heals me. For years I’ve been battling depression, which escalated this year [hence the lack of crafts, refashions, and posts]. Although I’m not medically diagnosed [and I won’t], crafting, and sewing is what gets me through a day or week, or season. My daughter is proud of me that even though I don’t go get her clothes at Justice, I can always whip up an outfit out of my old clothes or make an outfit from scratch. That is what heals me. Her appreciation towards what I do – it’s not the money spent on an outfit, it’s the love I pour when making it.

Right now, aside from the love of my children, and Korean drama addiction, this- is the only talent I have, and I want to inspire others to let their talents come out and show the world that they can do something.

Don’t worry – my daughter, she has her own sense of style. I always run everything by her on how her outfit should look before actually making it.

Now – back to my post. For the last week of school, I wanted to bring the Holiday Spirit in her school by making a Holiday themed outfit – refashion style of course. Without further ado, here is my princess dressed up. We missed Monday because she was saving an outfit for a picture with Santa.

refashioned snowman

The sweater was her brother’s that was never worn. I resized it to fit her, the pom poms are just pinned on so she can wear the sweater dress this winter. I made a tutu skirt to match.
Christmas Tree / Christmas Skirt
diy christmas tree, tree skirt to skirt
This was the inspiration for the tree skirt-I bought fabric and made this from scratch since I couldn’t find matching green skirts. The white strips are from 99c store tree skirts.
The red skirt was made out of Dollar Tree tree skirts. I meant to add white tulle for more of a Santa effect, but my muse wanted this simple.

refashioned gingerbread dress
It’s the last day of school, and pajama day. My daughter didn’t want me to make pajamas out of the dress I got from Goodwill, but she wanted a pajama dress. So I just used a portion of the dress to make a skirt, and resized a 99c store shirt to fit her and added pom poms.

refashioned elf costume
Last but not the least, the elf outfit. This was actually the first one I made. She didn’t want to wear it to school because this was going to be the outfit she’ll wear for a picture with Santa too.

This post is my last for 2014. Next up will be my year in review.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Until then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Halloween Series/Refashion Series: From Angel to Winter Princess

My Halloween Series was abruptly cancelled due to personal reasons. I do apologize for not posting any announcements. However, despite my mental/emotional health issues, I was not about to disappoint my princess who has not forgotten that she’s going to be a Winter Princess this year – at least in my household.
I had already purchased the materials as I find them and, did work on her outfit 6 months prior – that is before I started to lose my grip with my battle that I ended up putting a lot of things in the back burner. Eventually, I tried picking up where I left off with the refashion, only to have ruined the whole thing since my muse was never home when I was working on her outfit. And I would never ever say no when her dad finds time to be with her. That is more important than an outfit and a blog post!

With literally a week before our church festival, I was forced to buy an Angel costume @ TJ Maxx. I knew I had to turn that into a Winter Princess with the materials that I already have. She had already worn the outfit in its “raw” stage to her school Boo Bash and garnered some WOWS. That fueled me to work on it to finish everything from head to toe – and the bucket too! I guess in the end it worked out when almost each booth we went to complimented my angel’s costume.

The snowflake is an ornament from Beverly’s. Her belt is a snowflake garland also from Beverly’s
The feathers on her bucket was originally from the costume.
Her wand is an ornament from the 99c store. I just bought a beaded wand from Dollar Tree, took out the beads and attached the snowflake and used glitter pipe cleaners.
Her head piece is a tree ornament from Walmart. I took out the clip and attached it to a bobby pin.
Her cape – believe it or not, is a tree skirt that I got from Kmart for $0.00 – I used my points.

So what do you think? Does it still look like an Angel costume or A Winter Princess?

Until Then,

Keep Your Passion For Refashion.

***My daughter has requested to make her outfits for school in December. After getting some “pins[piration]” from Pinterest, I think I can make it work depending on my mental and emotional health*** As of today, I have materials for two designs…..stay tuned

Refashion Series: A Princess For A Day

I’m still here! I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus due to various personal, and health reasons. That didn’t stop me from doing refashions though. I didn’t do much as it is. Doing refashions is one thing, editing the pictures, and constantly updating the blog is another…. but that’s for another blog.

Since my last post, I’ve done one refashion for my daughter. She was excited to come home to tell me that it’s Princess Day at school. So – off to Goodwill I went. I wanted something “wearable” and not costume type of outfit for her to wear to school. I found a simple dress within a budget, and just resized it to her size. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a “hit” among her peers, but she was still as proud of me when she left for school that morning.

Stay Tuned – I did my daughter’s Halloween Costume – that post should be up soon.

Until Then,

Keep Your Passion For Refashion!

Refashion Series: The Only Way She’ll Wear Something Yellow

If you haven’t figured it out yet, her favorite colors are black and purple. So refashioning a yellow dress into a mini dress is out of the question. But – she also loves ruffles. Somehow she feels pretty with ruffles. So off to the 99c I went to get a black t-shirt, a dress from Goodwill…chopped off some ruffles and viola! A dress that she can’t stop wearing.

I’m working on putting together the tutorial for this refashion….stay tuned.

Until then,
Keep Your Passion For Refashion

Refashion Series: Last Minute Tank Dress

My daughter had to wear something new just to go to her big brother’s tae kwon do class. By new – she meant I have to make her a one of a kind anything. Dealing with a migraine, this is the best I could do. I will most likely re-refashion this whenever she goes to her dad so I can surprise her when she comes back. Made from an Women’s XS tank top.

Refashion Series: Ruffling Things Up II

She says she likes this shirt – but as part of a dress.

So I found this dress @ Goodwill –

Took maybe 15-20 minutes and viola! A dress. Now she loves it! She didn’t want to pose because she wanted the picture taken where the billboards are….but she proudly told people that I made the dress and earned her two new friends!

Until Then,

Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series: Ruffling Things Up‏

Last year, I bought a t-shirt from Dollar Tree in hopes to make something for St Patrick’s Day this year. Well – that didn’t happen. I found the shirt again, and I really wanted to make something from this. I was on Pinterest when I found this refashioned shirt from So all I needed is some scrap fabric which was 97c at Walmart. I thought my daughter would look cute in it-ruffles and all – and she would actually wear something green and bright for Summer.

She said she likes it- but she likes it better as a dress. Off to the 99c store I go and look for a black tshirt.

Until Then,
Keep your passion for refashion

Refashion Series: Two Refashions For Graduation

No- not for my graduate. He deserves something new for this special day. I am talking about my daughter , and a refashion for me.
Apparently, she’s done with long skirts and wants to go back to wearing shorts. Well for me shorts = rompers.
So I have bought this size XS womens top @ Goodwill thinking I’ll turn it into a romper. Just in time for graduation which also happens to be the last day of school. I had her wear a tank top that she tie dyed last year to prevent any “sent home early due to dress code issues”. She said that she saw Selena Gomez wear something like this….she felt like a pop star the whole day!

diy romper

As for me – I wanted to match colors with my son. He didn’t like the black dress shirt I originally bought. Thankfully, KMART had the last blue dress shirt for his size. Now all I have to do is match that. So an old dress that I probably wore once  + a blue tank top that I always wear + black elastic = 1 maxi dress. This is my first diy maxi dress for myself since I started this hobby.

diy maxi dress

Until then,
Keep Your Passion For Refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 80s Day

This marks the final post for Decades Week.

I ended up digging in her basket and pulled the look in the morning, after the dress I altered was a little too long, and i did’nt have a belt to hold it in. She was totally rockin the 80’s though.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 70s Day

My daughter is the only that has a refashion. My son has a vest that he can use – but he opted out of today’s fashion project. Boys I tell you. Anyway, I have a halter top that I never wore, and a pair of flare pants that I probably wore before I had kids. I measure my daughter and worked on her outfit while she was sleeping. Not the perfect outfit, but it works for now.
diy 70s disco outfit, diy decades week

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.