Halloween Series/Refashion Series: From Angel to Winter Princess

My Halloween Series was abruptly cancelled due to personal reasons. I do apologize for not posting any announcements. However, despite my mental/emotional health issues, I was not about to disappoint my princess who has not forgotten that she’s going to be a Winter Princess this year – at least in my household.
I had already purchased the materials as I find them and, did work on her outfit 6 months prior – that is before I started to lose my grip with my battle that I ended up putting a lot of things in the back burner. Eventually, I tried picking up where I left off with the refashion, only to have ruined the whole thing since my muse was never home when I was working on her outfit. And I would never ever say no when her dad finds time to be with her. That is more important than an outfit and a blog post!

With literally a week before our church festival, I was forced to buy an Angel costume @ TJ Maxx. I knew I had to turn that into a Winter Princess with the materials that I already have. She had already worn the outfit in its “raw” stage to her school Boo Bash and garnered some WOWS. That fueled me to work on it to finish everything from head to toe – and the bucket too! I guess in the end it worked out when almost each booth we went to complimented my angel’s costume.

The snowflake is an ornament from Beverly’s. Her belt is a snowflake garland also from Beverly’s
The feathers on her bucket was originally from the costume.
Her wand is an ornament from the 99c store. I just bought a beaded wand from Dollar Tree, took out the beads and attached the snowflake and used glitter pipe cleaners.
Her head piece is a tree ornament from Walmart. I took out the clip and attached it to a bobby pin.
Her cape – believe it or not, is a tree skirt that I got from Kmart for $0.00 – I used my points.

So what do you think? Does it still look like an Angel costume or A Winter Princess?

Until Then,

Keep Your Passion For Refashion.

***My daughter has requested to make her outfits for school in December. After getting some “pins[piration]” from Pinterest, I think I can make it work depending on my mental and emotional health*** As of today, I have materials for two designs…..stay tuned

Refashion Series: A Princess For A Day

I’m still here! I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus due to various personal, and health reasons. That didn’t stop me from doing refashions though. I didn’t do much as it is. Doing refashions is one thing, editing the pictures, and constantly updating the blog is another…. but that’s for another blog.

Since my last post, I’ve done one refashion for my daughter. She was excited to come home to tell me that it’s Princess Day at school. So – off to Goodwill I went. I wanted something “wearable” and not costume type of outfit for her to wear to school. I found a simple dress within a budget, and just resized it to her size. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a “hit” among her peers, but she was still as proud of me when she left for school that morning.

Stay Tuned – I did my daughter’s Halloween Costume – that post should be up soon.

Until Then,

Keep Your Passion For Refashion!

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 80s Day

This marks the final post for Decades Week.

I ended up digging in her basket and pulled the look in the morning, after the dress I altered was a little too long, and i did’nt have a belt to hold it in. She was totally rockin the 80’s though.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 70s Day

My daughter is the only that has a refashion. My son has a vest that he can use – but he opted out of today’s fashion project. Boys I tell you. Anyway, I have a halter top that I never wore, and a pair of flare pants that I probably wore before I had kids. I measure my daughter and worked on her outfit while she was sleeping. Not the perfect outfit, but it works for now.
diy 70s disco outfit, diy decades week

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 60s Day

6/4/14 – I’m financially strapped and couldn’t buy the accessories at Party City. But, the point of having a DIY blog is to —-DIY!!! So, I went to Dollar Tree and bought the last t-shirts they have. I also bought back in 2012 a garment that I meant to turn into a dress for my daughter but just never got around to it. This is the best time to refashion this.

I used two blue shirts to make a fringe vest for my son.
diy fringe vest, t shirt vest
I used one yellow shirt for the fringe vest, and the nightwear for the skirt. She matched it with a tank top that she tie dyed last year.
diy fringe vest, tshirt vest, 60s skirt

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: Decades Week – 50s Day

I’ve skipped this since my oldest started school in 2007. To this day, he’s not one to really dress up. But, because of my daughter, and the blog – I thought I should give it a try to come up with something for each day.

On June 3rd, it was the 50s Day. The only thing I could think of is making a circle skirt for my daughter. I finally got to use the fabric I bought back in 2007.

diy circle skirt, diy 50s skirt, diy decades costume

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series/Costume Series: Mother Made – Princess Approved!

My daughter once told me that her entire 2nd grade class will be having a play. I didn’t put too much into it until she told me end of February…
Rinoa: “Oh by the way, you’re making my costume for the play?
Me: :ME? WHY?”
Rinoa: “Because I told them you will”
Me: “What about the rest of the class?”
Rinoa: “They can use the costume the teachers provide or they’ll tell them to bring their own”

I confirmed during parent conference on 3/12/14, that the students are now going to come up with their costume. The teachers will be providing the props. My daughter is one of the princesses. Now I know why she wants me to make her a costume. She said: “I want to be a one of a kind princess, and you make the most beautiful one of a kind costumes.”

Using her favorite Ever After High character- Raven Queen, and her two new favorite colors of the year as inspiration. I’ve come up with this costume. I wished I took pictures of how this was constructed. Maybe on the next costume. But these are the materials used: black shirt, purple dress, 1 roll 50yd/blk tulle, 2 rolls 25yd/purple tulle. I crocheted the waistband for the tulle to be looped on, and hand sewn the tutu skirt on the dress.

I also made a head chain, and necklace from left over tulle using a chain stitch.

Until then,

Keep your passion for re-fashion

[2014] Valentine / Refashion Series: True Hearts Day

My daughter and I fell madly in love with the Ever After High dolls. Her favorite character is Raven Queen. My “rebel” princess has proclaimed that her new favorite colors are now purple and black. Not because those have been Mommy’s favorite colors for like — forever after, but because Raven Queen wears these colors. Well, Rebel R needs a True Hearts Day outfit, and it has to be all “Rebel-ish”.

For the shirt, instead of using fabric paint, she used a bleach pen on a black shirt

For the skirt, I used a lace top from the 99c store, and old shirt of mine, and a tutu skirt from Dollar tree. I didn’t get the ruffle effect I wanted, but she was happy with the outcome

I didn’t get the chance to make her headband, and jewelry. That’s for another crafting day.

Now she’s all set to go to school, to hand out her Valentines in her True Hearts Day outfit.

Raven Queen Inspired Outfit

This marks the end of our Valentine Series. Thank you for following, and don’t forget to pin images that you like.

Until then,

Happy Valentines Day and Keep Your Passion for Refashion!

[2013] Christmas Series: DIY Snowgirl Costume

My daughter has a presentation. I knew about it two weeks prior. I found out about the prop – two days before. I’m not an artist, so I can’t draw. I couldn’t force my son to draw for her. My only option was to sew a costume.
I purchased those fluffy fabric that looks like snow @ Dollar Tree, a black hat @JoAnn’s, used some of our ornaments. This was the fastest costume I have ever made.

diy snowman costume

This marks the end of our 2013 Christmas Series.

Until then,


Halloween Series/Refashion Series: The Fall Princess

My daughter has not forgotten that I will be making her costume despite me having tried to convince her that she can get a new costume. She’s set on being a Fall Princess. We found a women’s skirt @ Goodwill, and I knew that was the right material for her dress. Bought a pack of leaves, fall flowers, and a tiara @ Dollar Tree. This was all bought before Septemeber, but as always, I didn’t start making this till last week and barely finished before yesterday’s Halloween Festival at our local church.

Even her big bro keeps saying that her costume is one of a kind. During the trunk or treat, almost everyone gasped at how pretty her outfit is. Naturally, I had to brag that I made it. LOL. My princess told me that I’m the best mommy ever for making her fell sooooo beautiful for a few hours. ***tears***