[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 3

My daughter didn’t get to bring this to school today since our car broke down. But, she’ll bring it tomorrow. Anyway, she found this on pinterest [as usual] and wanted to see if I can recreate it.

How did I do?
DIY Pencil Vase

Day 4 will be posted on my refashion blog – students have to wear their teacher’s favorite color. Naturally, I’ll have to sew something.

Until then,
Happy DIY
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Trying Other Forms Of Art

Last year, Mr. A entered a competition and used melted crayon on a canvas. There was an extra canvas left over that I spray painted on and added stickers for my daughter to play with or leave it at that. Well, last night, I was missing her because she’s at her dad’s for the weekend after a minor car accident that happened. So to pass the time, I decided to play with the canvas and just went with it.I messed up with outlining her name so I had to paint the whole thing purple. Then I thought I could use some leopard stencils. I used sharpie markers for the stencil.

This is what she’s coming home to tonight.

Until then,

[2013] Christmas Series: No Ornament Left Behind[

Last year, I wanted to have a “Candy Cane” theme. Because of budget issues, I only bought Dollar Tree garlands. I didn’t use them as a garland, I took them apart and used them as an ornament on the tree. This year, the candy canes didn’t make it on the tree. I didn’t want to leave them out either. So I thought I could make a decor out of it. I still have enough candy canes left to make 1 or 2 more.
candy cane wreath diy

Until then,

Update: I made a second wreath after dinner.

Father’s Day DIY – Duct tape to save the day

Honestly, I had planned their DIY since Mother’s Day for their respective dads. However, the kids are having their own mood swings, and were not inspired to work indoors. They want to ride their bikes and stay out til dinner. So with literally 2 days to go. I had to think and revise their DIY’s down to 1.

I had the kids come up with the fastest DIY they have ever made.

My daughter’s present[s] to her dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of jumbo craft sticks, duct tape, and hooks from the 99c store. I will instruct her dad to place a picture.

My son’s present to his dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of wood frame from 99c frame @ Walmart, and hooks from the 99c store. Andy is working on a sketch portrait…

Until  then,

DIY Party Favors

I guess I’m all about preserving memories. I’m still old school and print pictures once in a while. My boss’ baby shower at work was today. Although budget was really tight, I managed to make a few favors. I knew that I didn’t want to make the traditional fill the baby bottles with candies, or create a diaper cake or something. I wanted to hand out something that can be useful after the party too.

I know, I know – it’s another photo holder!!! But this was from the heart.
Base is made out of plaster of paris, used an star shaped ice tray, covered with cellophane
Stick is made out of cookie sticks, covered with ribbon, added a teddy bear pick for effect
Glued clothespins to make the holder.

Baby Shower Party Favor DIY

Mother’s Day Series: Yes- Another Photo Holder

photo holder, clothespin photo holder, tuna can photo holder, repurposed tuna can, repurposed clothespin, craft sticks craft, mother's day diy

I really didn’t know what I was going to end up making. All I know is I have about 4 empty tuna cans, a lot of clothespins, a couple of dowels, and craft sticks. I went on pinterest to see what I can make with clothespins and tuna cans, and most of them showed candle holders, or plant holders. Well, I’m not a green thumb according to experience. So a plant holder is out of the question. But, I still crafted them in a way that it looks like a plant holder.

Then I remembered, I have left over plant sorters – hmmm. Is this really going to be a plant holder? Nope. I decided to glue the pot inside the can, add plaster, stick the dowel, and waited for inspiration. Until this morning, when I decided to print a picture that took most of the background – I cut it down to size where it only focuses on my family. I decided to use what’s left of my craft sticks and made it into a frame.
Yes – I made another photo holder.


Mother’s Day Series: DIY Plate decor / Mod Podge

It’s cutting to just days away from Mother’s Day. I will admit, I procrastinated in my DIY’s since my kids have school projects of their own to do. This project is similar to the Halloween plate craft that we have been doing the past couple of years, but I wanted something that can go in my dining area year round. I actually made 2 DIY’s for this project, but I only have a photo for the finished project.

DIY 1: Clear Mod Podge. I wanted to make sure that the glue dries really clear, so instead of making homemade mod podge with white glue, I made it with clear glue instead. I’ll update this post with the photo of the jar.

DIY 2: Plate Decoupage. I wanted it to say family, and have pictures hanging from it – but I wasn’t as inspired to do it elaborately-so I did this as simple as possible.
DIY Plate Decoupage

Set of 8 clear plates @ Dollar Tree
Wall stickers @ Dollar Tree
Cardstock @ 99c store
DIY clear mod podge
Leftover chain

Overall total cost with tax: $5.00

Mother’s Day Series: Last Minute Dollar Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, if you’re strapped for cash and time – here’s an idea…DIY Cupcake stand.

Last week, I baked cupcakes for the first time in a long time. I realized I made too much. I decided that I need a cupcake stand. Then I realized, why buy? I can DIY. I found 3 melamine plates [each size smaller than the other], a 6pk clear glasses, and craft glue @ the 99c store

Took less than five minutes to make
diy cupcake stand
For the next one, I think I’ll take the time to fill the cups with decorative rocks or glitter.

Until then,


Easter Series – Part 5: Trees are not just for Christmas

diy easter tree

I realized that when I made the Halloween trees last year. I wasn’t planning on making one for Easter, but I was blessed with a free branch. Besides, we have heart ornaments that didn’t make it in the valentine’s box, and the bunny ornaments needs a tree to hang on, and the presents need a tree to be under.

My co-worker generously lent me her left over paint. Unfortunately, the tree just absorbed it, so the color didn’t even came out. Luckily, I have a bottle of white tempera paint, and it stuck on the tree. My daughter had fun painting the branches each morning while waiting for her ride to school. Okay, she didn’t paint all the branches, but I left some for her to paint this week.

Stay tuned for the last post for the Easter Series.

Until then,