Trying Something New – Kanzashi Flowers

I’ve been trying to keep busy while I come up with all the supplies that I need for my biggest DIY project yet. In the meantime, this will keep me “sane”. I found these Kanzashi flower makers at Beverly’s, I also have scrap fabric from 5 years ago, when I re-attempted to sew clothes for my daughter during my separation-divorce, and I bought a pack of the rosettes thinking I’ll be making some sort of necklace with it.

I think I know where these will end up after I make a few more flowers. One flower [5 petals] takes about 20 minutes. Meaning, I can make a flower during my half hour lunch. I can’t wait for my daughter to learn how to make this!

I also finally have a reason to buy those scrap fabrics –

diy kanzashi flowers

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diy necklace holderFor Father’s Day, the plan was to make a key holder. That hasn’t changed. The other plan was to use materials that’s left over from previous DIY’s. For starters, there’s leftover mini duct tape from the cowgirl headband I made, tons of jumbo craft sticks. The only thing I bought was a pack of self adhesive hooks from the 99c store.
My daughter has diligently worked on the sides one at a time. I somehow managed to have her wrap duct tape while watching Wizards Of Waverly Place at the same time, or make her to it in the morning before going to school. However, we ran out of leopard print duct she’s short one side. She didn’t want to make a triangle key holder. What to do? As you can see – we bought a different duct tape pattern.

Now, the question is what to do with the 3 pcs that she made?
Answer: Her necklace holder.

made out of 4 jumbo craft sticks, wrapped with duct tape, and self adhesive hooks

Fit For A Princess

In the many years that my son has been in school [he’s in 5th grade now], and the exception of pre-school, I’m not one to participate in ALL the school events, and the wear this to school day. My daughter is now in her second year in elementary [1st grade-going 2nd], and I’ve only able to let them participate in the ones that will not cost me money like crazy sock day, or pajama day, or crazy hair day.

Since Halloween, I was inclined to participate in more events, and I even prepared ahead of time for their wear red,white, blue day. Today is Hawaiian Day. So last night, I got the kids some dollar tree leis. I came across an adult size straw hula skirt, I thought I should at least make it so my princess can wear it. I had a mesh roll that I got from Joanns, and didn’t really know why I bought it then. A thought hit me…maybe I should make a Luau tutu – fit for a princess.

redesigned hula skirt
redesigned dollar tree hula skirt

Basically, I just cut the skirt to the length she likes it, added the mesh in between the straws/grass, then added flowers to the waist. I will most likely re-design this for the next Hawaiian Day the coming school year, like adding pink, yellow, orange tulle to it, and probably just sew it altogether. Hopefully by then, I can sew my prince a polo shirt.

Handy Mommy – The Sequel

DIY Headband

I got off at 4pm today. My son and I chilled for about an hour and a half before picking up my princess. We took our sweet time having dinner, and walked around Walmart after picking out what their lunch and snacks will be for tomorrow. Then my princess mentioned that tomorrow, they need to wear cowboy or cowgirl outfits, by this time it’s about close to 7 pm. I was mulling if I want to make a quick bandana skirt – but, for some reason, we ended up in the toy aisle, and I found the Walmart version of American Girl Cowgirl Hats, and at the craft aisle, they’re selling mini duct tape. My princess picked out a leopard print. She still gets to be a cowgirl – a fashionable one! After resting for a few minutes, I took out the blue headband from a previous DYI, wrapped it with duct tape, wrapped duct tape on the hat, and glued it together. Post will be updated with her outfit tomorrow.

Btw, what a coincidence that my daughter’s shirt reads creative genius!

Good night, and until then – HAPPY DIY

Savings DIY

I needed to come up with a way to teach my kids the value of $$$ and encouraging them to help around the home. So, I’ve given them “jobs” for them to earn an “income”. It’s not much weekly, but, at the end of the year, it’ll add up to an amount that’s big enough for them. By then, it would make them feel proud that they earned it, and then feel much better working for something they bought instead of just demanding it from their custodial and non custodial parents.

Out of smaller cereal boxes, “banks” were made. It’s wrapped in Christmas paper to make sure they understand that this will be opened on the last day of the year. I sealed it to make sure that it won’t be opened regardless of our situation at any given week. If they’re up to it, they can decorate the boxes to personalize it more.

I’d open a bank account for them – but I think it’s better if the kids learn how to save hands on for now…..
diy savings boxdiy savings box

This post will be updated on 12/31/13.

Dollar Series: Handy Mommy

How far will a dollar go? My daughter got this as a party favor during a visit from her dad.

She loves this headband – she wore this every day, until one day, it broke. She had this tucked away [under her bead] so I never fixed it until today after a trip from the dollar store. And she has an extra headband!

diy headband

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Dollar Series: Build A Hanger

diy beaded hanger
Beaded Hanger

Spring break is over, and so I’m back into crafting. I really had no idea what to make, until I was sorting the clothes that I’m going to re-fashion so my daughter can have summer clothes, and me to post in the blog. Amongst the pile, I found a couple of my daughter’s Build A Bear outfits that she supposedly couldn’t find!. I couldn’t hang it because it doesn’t fit on a regular kids size hanger, and I’ve thrown out the baby hangers a long time ago. An idea hit me, a while back, while browsing at a different dollar store, they have these beaded hangers. I thought it was cute. So I decided to try it out if I can re-create it, for the outfits. Here’s the first try.
My daughter is sorting the rest of the beads, when she’s done, I’ll make a few more….
I only spent $1.00 for the beads @ Dollar Tree. It has 400 beads. I still have pipe cleaners left. I used a total of 4 pipe cleaners and 66 beads for this piece.

Beaded Hanger

Seems to me a closet is needed soon….

Until Then,


Easter Series – Finale: It’s A Wrap

diy easter wrap
Mesh wrap

I need to wrap my baskets that I wasn’t planning on giving out this year. I saw @ the 99c store that they’re selling a mesh for a wrap. I have a lot of green mesh from the necklace that I made. . I thought why not?

This post marks the final project for my Easter series. Thank you for visiting and keep checking in for new projects.  I will be taking my “spring break” and will resume crafting on April 7th

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Easter Series – Part 3: Why buy when you can DIY

I obviously have a LOT of easter eggs left over, and I want to use them all! Looking for inspirations, took a trip at almost all the retail stores  for decorative ideas.

I found this @ Target: It’s a wooden egg decoration for $10.00.


diy easter decor
Easter Decoration


I would’ve recreated this if I didn’t miss days at work and bought the letters and base. But, I worked with what I have which are eggs, leftover garland, and some sorting pots.




Party City Egg Decor

This is @ Party City that sells for $4.99 + shipping.

So I made my own. It’s not brag worthy- I made this in one day, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can re-create it. Eventually [for next year] the eggs will be decorated, and the strings will be reinforced.

Stay tuned for a few more posts.
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