Easter Series – Finale: It’s A Wrap

diy easter wrap
Mesh wrap

I need to wrap my baskets that I wasn’t planning on giving out this year. I saw @ the 99c store that they’re selling a mesh for a wrap. I have a lot of green mesh from the necklace that I made. . I thought why not?

This post marks the final project for my Easter series. Thank you for visiting and keep checking in for new projects.  I will be taking my “spring break” and will resume crafting on April 7th

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Easter Series – Part 5: Trees are not just for Christmas

diy easter tree

I realized that when I made the Halloween trees last year. I wasn’t planning on making one for Easter, but I was blessed with a free branch. Besides, we have heart ornaments that didn’t make it in the valentine’s box, and the bunny ornaments needs a tree to hang on, and the presents need a tree to be under.

My co-worker generously lent me her left over paint. Unfortunately, the tree just absorbed it, so the color didn’t even came out. Luckily, I have a bottle of white tempera paint, and it stuck on the tree. My daughter had fun painting the branches each morning while waiting for her ride to school. Okay, she didn’t paint all the branches, but I left some for her to paint this week.

Stay tuned for the last post for the Easter Series.

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Easter Series – Part 3: Why buy when you can DIY

I obviously have a LOT of easter eggs left over, and I want to use them all! Looking for inspirations, took a trip at almost all the retail stores  for decorative ideas.

I found this @ Target: It’s a wooden egg decoration for $10.00.


diy easter decor
Easter Decoration


I would’ve recreated this if I didn’t miss days at work and bought the letters and base. But, I worked with what I have which are eggs, leftover garland, and some sorting pots.




Party City Egg Decor

This is @ Party City that sells for $4.99 + shipping.

So I made my own. It’s not brag worthy- I made this in one day, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can re-create it. Eventually [for next year] the eggs will be decorated, and the strings will be reinforced.

Stay tuned for a few more posts.
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Easter Series – Part 1: Egging Around


I have collected these eggs back in 2010. For years it has been sitting in basket in my spare patio. Until this year, when I figured I could upcycle these into something else. When this series is in the planning stages, I knew that I would be needing a wreath at home.



After searching for inspirations, I saw this image.

Image Credit: Saving On The Essentials


diy easter wreath

diy easter wreath

Here is my first attempt at the wreath. It turned out to be too huge for my door, that it became a window decor. I ended up making 3 more….

diy easter wreathdiy easter wreath

diy easter topiary


I still have a lot left over, so I decided to make a topiary. Styrofoam balls are not in the budget since I missed a couple of days at work. Thanks to Tim Gunn @ Project Runway’s famous quote, I made it work.

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Valentine Series: Part 2b – The Valentines needs a box

Valentines are made and just waiting for the 14th. But, they can’t stay on my dining table, or the living room floor, or wherever I transfer them until then. I also realized that Valentines will come home the same day, and I don’t want them scattered in her backpack. I remembered that during my daughter’s preschool year- their teachers gave us a family project to turn a shoebox into a Valentine’s box. It kind of gotten squished in the garage. I figured, we can just make a new and updated version. LOL- Andy didn’t want to make one

valentine's box diy

All that was needed:
Gift wrap: $1.00 @ Target
Shoe box: look in your closet!
Pipe cleaners

diy valentine's mailbox

2012: Year In Review

What a year it has been! What started out as a thought of not spending too much money for a $75.00 pc of jewelry that a-soon- to- be- 6- year- old- girl- wants- to- have, turned out to be my personal accomplishment of the year.

I named the blog DIY OF THE WEEK to push me into crafting something new and post on Sundays like clockwork. I guess craftiness, not to mention- TIME and BUDGET does not work that way, thanks in part with this life called single parenthood. I will admit that there were times that I could not get inspired or motivated to work on something even though I had planned it, and had the materials to do it. To this day, there’s a DIY Barbie couch sitting under one of my tables, waiting to be wrapped in decorative paper, photographed, and blogged about. My daughter has been using it the way it is on a regular basis, which is the whole point of the DIY project to begin with. Still, one of the many purposes this blog is to keep track of what I’ve done and to motivate me to do more.

I honestly thought that after the jewelry frenzy, and a couple of Barbie furniture, that this blog was done and over with. My head was stuck on just working with jewelry pieces that I lost sight of what the meaning of DIY stands for. With 3 followers, including me – it did kind of bogged me down a bit. If it wasn’t for my co-workers who decorated for Halloween and we all got a “little” carried away, I probably wouldn’t have been re-inspired to make DIY’s not to mention DIY decorations.

Thankfully, the ideas didn’t stop with the Halloween tree. Thankfully, my kids became interested and wanted to get down and dirty with the crafts I’m making. Thankfully, they didn’t want to stop doing DIY. If it wasn’t for budget issues, I most likely would’ve come up with some Thanksgiving décor too.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane on how I just wanted to make a similar necklace, to realizing that my daughter has too many Barbie dolls but no furniture, to getting inspired with DIY Holiday décor.


diyoftheweek.wordpress.com - barbie




I would like to thank my children, Andy and Rinoa. If it wasn’t for both of you, my life would most definitely be boring. If it wasn’t for you guys asking for things I can’t afford this year, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to try to make it myself. Thank you for finding what I do interesting, and want to be a part of it. Thank you for my co-workers who re-ignited my spark, and I was able to provide our department with a gift from my heart. Thank you for the 300+visitors that found this little blog, the bloggers who took the time to click on that like button. You guys [and gals] are also part of my motivation to keep crafting and blogging so that I have something to post on a regular basis.

Please keep checking in – there’s something always to DIY, ergo – it will be blogged!

Until then,


102612 part 2: Recycling

Reeling from a decorating frenzy, my kids have been asking for more crafts to do.  I went to Micheal’s and purchased a foam craft for each of my kids to work on.
Andy craft Rinoa craft
While I was cleaning out the remnants of their craft, I noticed that a piece could be used as a frame of some sort. So, I purchased some more foam stickers, I have confetti from before and I also recently have new pictures from them.

Here’s the finished product….I do apologize for the quality of the scanner. I’ll upload a better version soon.