St. Patrick’s Day Mini Series: Necklace

diy st. patrick's day necklace

I planned to make our themed crafts per holiday, but when I realized that St. Patrick’s and Easter fall on the same month, I made the decision to lose the lesser holiday [at least in my home]. Then my son saw a beaded necktie @ Jo Ann’s, made a point that it’s at 40% off, [can’t argue with that] yeah – I bought it. BUT, guilt seeped in that I didn’t get my daughter anything. So after thinking over and over what to get for her that she can wear to school on that day, I decided to just make her a necklace, but something that I really worked hard for….

I spent $1.49 for a yard of green tulle, $1.00 for the carnation, $1.00 for the purple necklace @ Dollar Tree, used left over jump rings from previous purchases, and chain….less than $4.00 total

She couldn’t wait until St. Patrick’s Day that she already wore it on the way to do an errand. I love it when she’s proud of me.

***UPDATE 3/1/2013***
I finally found an image for the source of inspiration for this craft. I saw this dress @ Target but I didn’t buy the dress because I knew that I wanted to make the necklace, and that my daughter already has a dress lined up for Easter.
But I wanted to still point out where this idea came from…
target dress