It’s all about – ME

I’m a 32 year old, single mom of 2 kids. I have an almost 10 yr old and you’ve read my posts about my daughter turning 6. I’d like to think that I’m crafty – my son used to brag that if they break it, MOMMY can fix it. She’ll be mad that you broke it, but she’ll fix it and when you wake up, it’s new again.

I guess this is the part where I “brag” about my artistic background…hmmm.. where to start? I was first introduced to a sewing machine at the age of 7.This was the first sewing machine I ever used. I even did my homework on this table! I made my own Barbie clothes on this machine. FYI: this image is not mine, but this is the exact sewing machine that my grandma had in the Philippines.

antiqueImage Credit:

My grandma also introduced me to crochet when I was 9 years old. I remember she used to take me shopping and she would buy a whole lot of threads and I thought they were too big for the sewing machine. Until one day, she sat with me and showed me how to crochet, the next day she was busy to show me more- she gave me the book that she learned from and I was crocheting like a grandma! I wish I brought the doilies I made when I came here. Then in grade school – we learned how to cross stitch. I know I didn’t have to use the mesh like the ones they have here. I made a rabbit and had it framed. I got a 100% on that project, my relative still has that frame to this day.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do either of these. I always thought that I didn’t have free time. My one attempt to sew was in 2007 when I was dealing with my separation/divorce..I made one dress for my then baby girl. I wanted to see if I can still do it. But at the time, my heart wasn’t into it. In trying to gather myself from 2 failed relationships, I found some meditation sites, new age healing music, and I came across Chakra jewelry. Although, I didn’t purchase one myself [I guess, I didn’t lose my brain after all] I felt that their materials to help people like me are still too expensive. So I had a thought, what if I get these items wholesale and re-sell them? Not for my profit, but to actually help I went and applied for a resale permit, found some vendors, the one thing that stopped me is that I wanted to buy and sell everything! from affirmation candles, to charms, meditation beads – I completely lost track of what I was trying to do. Well – that ended before it even started.

Years later, I realized that my interest in arts and crafts is still within me – I guess I owe it to my son’s grade school and daughter’s preschool. It started with my son’s 100 day project in kindergarten. Then my daughter’s Valentine’s project to turn a shoe box into a valentine box. Then her 100 day project, then the local church’s craft time, then VBS, then my daughter’s Christmas ornament project, then at work to decorate our wall for the holiday. My last arts and craft project was Halloween 2011 when the family made picture frames [pics to be added later]

Then here I am in 2012 – inspired more than ever! I’m here to prove a point that with my 1 paycheck, 3 people lifestyle, I don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for something I can make myself. The best part is I’m not doing it to profit at all [at least for now]. I’m not here to bring down Corporate America either. I’m just saying that I have my wants and needs figured out. My daughter wants a 75.00 necklace, and I need her to have a shirt, sweater, jeans, backpack and lunch pail with an actual healthy lunch inside for less than that.

Who knows? maybe eventually this can become my opportunity to earn a side income without having to leave home and I’m doing something that I enjoy. But, time will tell on that one. As long as I have stuff to re-create, or items that need to be up-cycled, or crafts that can be made from household items- I’ll be blogging about it.

But, I’m not all about crafting my other hobby includes watching Korean dramas [no, I’m not Korean]- so I have to balance my time with a full time job, 2 kids, household chores, errands, our daily walks, my dramas, and craft time. Sounds like I have full day right?


Backstory: In 2007, I had the idea to make jewelry and sell them online. I got a resale license and I was gearing more into a market that’s almost non-existent and other things are in the way like work, home, bills, raising the kids..needless to say – nothing happened.

Jump to 2012, Memorial Day Weekend, my daughter and I were browsing at Macy’s while waiting for a relative to show up. We were walking past the jewelry section when she saw and FELL MADLY IN LOVE with the Betsey Johnson pieces. Luckily for me, my relative showed up and I didn’t get to see how much those pieces were.

Well, her birthday is getting closer and closer…I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get her those pieces that she wanted at the mall. So, I went online and found the jewelry. I think I had a mini heart attack seeing how much they are.

Betsey Johnson Necklace



There is no $%^& way that my almost 6 year old will get jewelry more expensive than mine. Then it hit me. I could imitate them to where she can wear them on a regular basis and me not having to worry that she’ll come home from school and it’s broken or lost….DIY

So, I’m blogging my progress as I go along. I’m mostly going to make jewelry for my daughter unless I find some pieces that my son can wear. I’m not sure what DIY projects I can share with my son, but when that idea comes, it will be blogged!

I hope this inspires you to do the same. We can spoil our children, just not to the point where we are crying blood or giving our body parts away.


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