[2014] Year In Review

2014 was a roller coaster year for me. I started out good- I had planned out what DIY’s to make then went downhill mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If I made any resolutions or goals, rest assured – I didn’t fulfill them. I was planning on making a few new series for DIY, which I have put on hold and hoping the coming year will accomplish those. For some reason, inspiration was sucked out of me sometime right before the school year ended – the reason is for another blog if I decide to open up about it.

One good thing is that I did focus on refashions more this year, so I was still able to blog. Compiling all the images I took for my DIY’s, I’m contemplating on creating a new blog site for my refashions and maintain this blog for a seasonal DIY. That’s still up in the air.

For now, here’s my DIY’s for this year. I’m looking forward to a more crafty DIY year this coming 2015.


Until then,

Happy New Year

Project: Christmas Decor – Part 4

…It’s my daughter’s turn.

This was the inspiration for the craft.
cupcake ornament
image credit: Oh, So Darling

As I was googling for new DIY decor ideas, my princess yelled: “I want to make that!!!!”  Trust me, I had a different vision in my mind on how I want it to look. Finally, I realized that this was something she wants to do for her classmates, and the steps I  needed to make this requires well – me to do it. So, I simplified everything, to where she can do it on her own, and I’ll watch from behind.

After weeks and weeks of procrastination, and last minute schedule changes…without further ado, this is my daughter’s very own cupcake ornaments. She did 95% of the work! She made 26 for her class, 3 for my co-workers, 3 for this side of the family, and 3 for her dad’s side of the family. 35 total!!!!
cupcake ornament diy

cupcake ornamentscupcake ornamentcupcake ornament

Project Christmas Decor -Part 3

All the decor have been hung, except my living room wall….it’s BLANK. 2 years ago, I have Christmas boxes that I got from Big Lots. My daughter has been using hers to keep her dolls, and my son keeps his legos….there are a few that are empty and are just stacked up collecting dust, so I figured, my wall can use some sort of art….

box lids, wall art

Project Christmas Decor -Part 2

I have been looking forward to doing this craft. I knew this was what I wanted for Christmas right after I made the Halloween Tree.

Inspiration: Show Tell Share
Peppermint Topiary

I finally got motivated enough to make the first one. I sure learned a lot of lessons making this one. I still have to make three more.
christmas topiary

Will post the other 3 soon…..working on it weekend of 12/8.

UPDATE: 12/12/12

The final topiary to complete the decor at work.

UPDATE: 12/11/12
After a couple of days delay, I made another one. Final one should be posted tomorrow.

UPDATE: 12/7/12
Made #2, this time with green peppermint – this time, I bought a box for the styrofoam block to fit in, I poked the holes on both the round and square styrofoam, glued the block in the box, wrapped the dowel with crepe paper, glued in on the end where it stands on the base, all the while the crepe paper is drying on the round ball, then hot glued the peppermints, then added the finishing touches on the base and stem.
peppermint topiary

111412: Project Christmas Decor- Part 1

I started this draft with a nice back story. 10 paragraphs later, I decided to get right to the point. I wanted a wreath as a Christmas decor this year. But, I don’t want those traditional garlands. So, back in October while on a high DIY high, I voluntold my son to make me an ornament wreath.

That’s What Che Said

11/13/12: Here are my kids, ready to make an ornament wreath. My princess wanted to help. aw.

Here’s the finished product. I will add the bow later.
DIY ornament wreath
UPDATE: The bow on the wreath to cover the wire. I also used a fuzzy stick to hang it up.
Ornament Wreath

Supplies: [aside from the kids-joke!]
wire hanger
ornaments about 75 or more depending on size
bow, wire edge ribbon
glue gun

1. glue tips of ornaments together. to prevent the ornaments from falling off as you’re stringing them together
2. form wire hanger into a circle
3. string ornaments, arranging them so the wire won’t show too much. [luckily, i found a purple hanger, so i don’t have to worry if it shows]
4. hook ends and cover with bow or ribbon.

**the hanger that i got was too hard to work with in the end. so plan ahead on how you’re going to tie them together
**glue is HOT!!! – yeah i’m one of those moms who glues her fingers on ornaments. lol
**fill in the gaps [if any] with leftover ornaments, just glue them on.

Until then,


103012: Our first ever pumpkin carving event.

I’ve been a mom for 10 years, and I have gotten away without carving a pumpkin. This year, with all the sudden decor frenzy and my daughter’s dad ended up buying her a pumpkin from the patch [which I also managed to skip here and there], her school needing pumpkin donations, and my son not having a pumpkin at all – so we all went to the store and bought 2 pumpkins. 1 for the school and 1 for my son. I figured, we’ll just stick stickers on it, or paint it and be done with it.

I guess it didn’t end there. My boss was kind enough to have found a monkey skeleton pattern, sure enough, my daughter went ballistic!

My son was happy thinking he gets to carve the one pattern they both wanted….nope. I managed to find a simple Angry Bird pattern for him.

It’s Halloween Eve and I really was thinking of letting the pumpkins be – but I guess, I still have enough decorating juice left in me and the kids were truly excited to be carving for the 1st time. I must say, I’m glad that I did this family activity. My son could not stop saying he loves family times like this.

I’m proud to say that my son did 99% of the work on his pumpkin! He’s proud too.

My daughter who’s had carving experience from her dad’s side tried her best, and ended up being the cleaning helper. She poked a few holes on the pumpkin, and decided that Power Rangers is more exciting. Nevertheless, I finished her pumpkin, and she was proud that her mommy did it for her.

It’s too dark to take pics so I’ll take them tomorrow morning and night when I have fresh batteries and a tea light to go inside the lanterns.

10/31/12 Update: Here’s the pumpkins that they carved the night before.

Until then….

103012: Arts and Crafts Round 2

The kids were not too satisfied with their plate craft. We ALL made a mistake on gluing on the whole plate that the picture came out fuzzy. We have left over plates enough for the both of them, so they decided to go make another one and give the first ones to their dad’s as a Halloween present. This time we learned to glue the corners of the picture! I’ll update this post as soon as I get a new set of clear plates. Since I have to make another one for their remaining picture, and I’m dressing up this year, so I would want my pic up on the wall too.

picture plate 2 picture plate 2

102812: We Interrupt This DIY Blog For An Arts And Crafts Break.

We started this tradition Halloween last year. The original plan was to do this on all holidays. It didn’t quite pan out for the rest of 2011 due to some unexpected issues more like drama.  But, I’m making sure that it’s at least a Halloween tradition.

This craft was inspired by my daughter’s preschool. They helped the kids make a Christmas present for their parent. It’s a glass plate done as a picture frame. I totally loved it. Although, I never hung the plate in fear that it’ll fall and break and I can’t replace it.

This year, I have leftover plates, and napkins from last year. I found some confetti at my local 99c store, was able to get a new napkin design- the kids have grown and are excited about their costumes— we are ready to make our picture frame.

Here’s our finished frames.

Materials used:
Clear plastic plates
Napkins or Halloween themed gift tissue paper
Confetti [optional]
Glitter [optional]
Wire or Fuzzy stick

1. Glue picture on plate face down.
2. Cut pieces of the napkins in any shapes, size
3. Glue napkins, confetti on the plate like a collage
4. Glue a final piece over the whole back of the plate
5. Cut a piece of wire/fuzzy stick and glue it on the back of the plate.

Happy Halloween!