Handy Mommy – The Sequel

DIY Headband

I got off at 4pm today. My son and I chilled for about an hour and a half before picking up my princess. We took our sweet time having dinner, and walked around Walmart after picking out what their lunch and snacks will be for tomorrow. Then my princess mentioned that tomorrow, they need to wear cowboy or cowgirl outfits, by this time it’s about close to 7 pm. I was mulling if I want to make a quick bandana skirt – but, for some reason, we ended up in the toy aisle, and I found the Walmart version of American Girl Cowgirl Hats, and at the craft aisle, they’re selling mini duct tape. My princess picked out a leopard print. She still gets to be a cowgirl – a fashionable one! After resting for a few minutes, I took out the blue headband from a previous DYI, wrapped it with duct tape, wrapped duct tape on the hat, and glued it together. Post will be updated with her outfit tomorrow.

Btw, what a coincidence that my daughter’s shirt reads creative genius!

Good night, and until then – HAPPY DIY


Dollar Series: Handy Mommy

How far will a dollar go? My daughter got this as a party favor during a visit from her dad.

She loves this headband – she wore this every day, until one day, it broke. She had this tucked away [under her bead] so I never fixed it until today after a trip from the dollar store. And she has an extra headband!

diy headband

Until then,


Valentine Series: Part 4 – Ready To Wear

Doily Shirts!
diy doily shirt

Rinoa made her shirt – there’s another one that she already wore, I’ll update the post with a pic. But this one she’s wearing today

diy doily shirt








I made this one for me – you can tell I’m not into the whole red and pink thing.








This was a last minute project. I wanted her to have a new necklace….
diy valentine necklace
diy valentine headband

From a headband that she already has, and left over table scatter







This is actually the first doily shirt that Rinoa made. She happened to have worn the shirt even before I got the chance to take a pic. I remembered to finally take one after washing this a second time.